Date: 09-12-2011 1:22 pm (9 years ago) | Author: bart donald
- at 9-12-2011 01:22 PM (9 years ago)
Wassup people. This is your boy Big O all the way from England. I am a Nigerian and an entertainer. I just wanna know if there are fellow artistes here- both in England and Nigeria and elsewhere- who are interested in recording songs and getting them out. I am trying to create a platform for all musicians on naijapals to get their music heard and get paid. Come on guys, hit me up. Contribute to this thread with ur ideas. Peace!No dulling o.

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- bartsexy at 10-12-2011 01:12 PM (9 years ago)
This is the thing about life, not just nigerians. people are okay wit just watching others succeed and make a name for themselves while they go on griping about why their lives are so bad. Can you imagine? No budding artiste deemed it worth his while to reply this all important post. What a pity!!!!!
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