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Ekpoma Engineering Lecturer P.O. Otubu caught (pants down) sexually harrassing female student video. Read the full 7-minute conversation transcript here:

TRANSCRIPT: The sexual harassment encounter between Engineer P. O. Otubu of Ambrose Alli University and a female student "Judith"-The video starts with an approach to a room with a burglary proof gate and  a wooden door slightly open behind it. The gate appears locked and Engineer /Professor P. O. Otubu sat on a plastic chair panting after what appears to be a fight between him and student "Judith"

 Female voice: Judith

 Judith: Uhh

 Femaile Voice: I wan talk to you

 Lecturer: You don naked me now

 Judith: (apparently calling the man) Otubu

 Lecturer: Yes?

 Judith: Otubu?

 Lecturer: Yes?

 Judith: Oh. Sheybi you for don pass me (meaning she already got a passing grade from an earlier sexual encounter with the professor) , make I go. It is better than all this sweat.

 Lecturer: the other time I didn’t know your number then

 Judith: Ah, ahn, you didn’t know…you did it intentionally

 Lecturer: No, no, no no

 Judith: So that I will come and you'll do it again , so that you will f**k

 Lecturer: Me!

 Judith: ( says something in local Edo dialect)

 (Lecturer makes a pleading gesture to person filming the incident. Judith appears to use a phone to take lecturer’s picture)

 Lecturer: my brother, you are a man. Are you a student?

 Male voice: Judith, Judith, Juddith

 Male voice 2: (apparently in response to lecturer’s pleading gestures) Wetin you dey beg, you dey beg me? You never see (inaudible)

 Male Voice 1 from "film crew": Judith, Judith, that is okay. Open the door for him. Open for him, open for him. Please open for him

 Male voice 2: Open where?

 Judith: (apparently in answer to lecturer’s quiet question) I don’t know them o

 Lecturer: (to man or men behind camera) My friend

 (Judith derides the man’s privates )

 Judith: John Thomas (laughs)

 Male voice 1: Judith, wey the check wetin e wan sign. E don sign am?

 Judith: I no see am see check

 Lecturer:E no bounce check now I have the check

 Male voices: Oya sign them now. You go sign that check before you leave this plave o. Which bank?

 Lecturer: (apparently answering) Bank PHB…

 Ale voice 1: okay I have somebody that can verify it for me

 Lecturer: As soon as they pay in June salary, you cash it

 Male voice 2: June salary? We should be waiting for June salary?

 Male voice 3?: no, noooo. No.

 Male voice 2: Sign it first

 Male voice: where is the car key

 Male voice: Sign it first

 Judith: (Appears to be talking on the phone ) Honey? Ohhhh, e tell me say my car no…I dey video am sha, normal….my love

 Male voice: E don sign am

 (Judith , whilst on the phone, pulls lecturer’s trousers stripping him nearly naked)

 Male voice: Judith, let him sign the cheque first now. (Shouting) Let him sign the cheque

 (Whilst Judith is pulling the man’s trousers)

 Female voice : Let am sign the cheque

 Male voice: let am sign the cheque

 Male voice: no worry, e no bounce

 (man talks inaudibly)

 Male voices keep calling out to Judith

 Male voice; leave that man

 Judith (still with phone to her ear says to lecturer): Put your hand down

 Male voices support her request by shouting the same to lecturer

 Male voice: What are you still waiting?

 Female voice: Put your hand down

 Judith: Put your hand down. Oya snap us. Put oyour hand down

 (Lecturer complies revealing a shrivelled up penis)

 Judith: Put your hand down.

 Male voice: stay close, stay close

 (lecturer smiles sheepishly)

 Judith: (slaps his back because he has pulled his trousers up again.) Put you hand down. You are covering your john Thomas

 Male voice 1: Put your hands down . you see you are covering it. Put your hands down

 Lecturer: Are you taking it? (apparently asking if they are filming / taking pictures)

 Judith: Oya, Snap am o. I hope e get memory card

 Male voice: yes, yes

 Male 2: better memory card, you never see

 Judith: you are not going anywhere.

 Male voice1: you are not going anywhere. Come come come come, see

 Male voice2 : The fact is, If this cheque bounce, this photograph will get around this school

 Male voice: settle us first, settle us now first

 Lecturer; I beg, give me something to wear

 Male voice: I gave you something to wear – that white knicker. Put this oon , wear that one

 Lecturer: I will wear it on top of it

 Male voice: wear it on top. You can go with it . It is my own

 Male voice 2: I wanted to give him my knicker if he he can pay for it

 Female voice: Go sit down. Your own no pass money (she says apparently to the boy who wanted money for his own shorts) - instead make una dey beg my sister

 Male voice: I don beg o. I don beg o

 Lecturer: This is pass…Its cheque book

 Male voice: Thre are some things inside ( the ma’s trousers). Give her everything to hold (must be female voice) so that nothing is missing

 Male voice: Where is the cheque book? Where is the cheque book

 Judith: If you do not put this thing, I will call your wife

 Female voice: e say e wan sign cheque now

 Male voice: Sign the cheque, before you do anything

 ( A lot of behind the scene conversations. People are asking what is going on )

 Judith: Which date e go put for the cheque

 Lecturer: June salary

 Male voice: we don’t even know when…

 Male date : put any date that

 Lecturer: (inaudible utterance) soon as they pay, just come and cash it. This Monday

 Make voice2: If you out Monday the cheque is oing to bounce because june salary…Monday is not okay. Put month end

 Lecturer: 30th

 Male voice: What is on the 30th?

 Lecturer: It is Friday or so.

 Male voice: okay put 29th

 Male voice 2:You go settle our own?

 Lecturer: I have already put 30th

 Male voice: hope that signature is your signature. Or else you go see yourself inside TV today

 Male voice: This one clear. E clear like DVD nah. This lecturer?

 (lecturer gives a frowning Judith the cheque, smiling and petting her)

 Male voice: show the cheque, show am show am

 (someone holds cheque up to camera)

 Male voice: This is the cheque? From Mr Okosun. N100,000

 Male voice 2: N100,000?

 Is N100,000 okay by you

 Judith: He’s paid (inaudible) N500..(rest inaudible)

 (Lecturer tries to hide face behind cheque. Voices ask him to bring h is hands down from his face)
 Male voice: your father

 Lecturer: (smiling) you are abusing me?

 Male voice: you know wetin lecturer don do me for this school?

 Lecturer: Which course are you doing?

 Male voice: Why you dey ask me?

 (Apparently to Judith’s further protests)

 Male voice: Its ok , its ok. Here is your cheque. Hold the cheque

 (The cheque appears to be in the name of one Okosun)

 Male voice 2: Sign that cheque on the back. Sign that cheque on the back. Put your name , you number and….your name your number and your home address

 Female voice: Do all this thing, make you open this door
 Transcript provided by Kayode Ogundamisi

 To Whom it may concern: I am not entirely certain if this is the right email address but I felt compelled to contact your media house with this.

 I came upon a video online of a college lecturer and his student, and this took me back to my years as a student in one of the Nigerian colleges, an experience that scarred me and had me living with guilt for so many years after. My hope is that your organization will take on this issue, maybe this case, and give a voice to Judith(the student in this case) and the millions of girls around the country who have had to deal with this sort of sex-ploitation at one time or another.

 Our women need to speak and we would appreciate it if you would help us get our cries for help heard.

 Thank you for your time and consideration.


 Tracy Okorie 

 Professor Okosun of Ambrose Alli University versus Judith, signs Bank PHB Cheques under durress.
 Who's next? What next? Which way forward for this girl?

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