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UP SOUTH AFRICA! EXPOSED: Man Forced To Eat Another Man's Chicken He molested {PIC}


«§» 13 June 2013

A chicken owner was angry when he found a man violating his chicken. After catching the culprit, the owner forced him to eat the chicken as part of the punishment.

Bar owner Ernest Mashaba, 37, of Thandizwe Village in Manguzi, South Africa, woke up when he heard noise in his backyard. He ran outside to see if someone was trying to steal his chicken, instead of finding a thief he found a pervert.

Mashaba, who owns a bar, known as a shebeen, in the village, said he found a drunk man molesting his chicken. The man, is a regular at the bar. On Thursday, the night of the alleged rape incident, Mashaba, closed the bar around midnight. The alleged rapist was drunk and fell asleep outside of the bar.

Mashaba went to sleep, but hours later he was awakened by strange noises outside his house. He ran outside and found that the door of the coop was open. Mashaba saw the drunk man in his chicken coop. Mashaba tried to grab the man but he got away.

His wife, Busisiwe Thabethe, 36, said that in the morning they realized that the chicken looked sick and could not walk. They went looking for the man and brought him back to the house. “We called all the neighbors to let them know what the man did.

He apologized, saying it was probably the booze that made ​​him do it. He offered us money to buy new chickens,” the wife said.
The wife said they made him hold the chicken so they could take a picture of him as evidence.

The man agreed to purchase eight chickens as restitution to the family and he was also forced to cook and eat the chicken he molested.

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Shegzan (7005) on: 13 Jun 13, 01:59 PM (2 years ago)


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micc (9747) on: 13 Jun 13, 03:09 PM (2 years ago)

Reply #3 by
merion (3012) on: 13 Jun 13, 03:24 PM (2 years ago)

 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
Reply #4 by
winace (26469) on: 13 Jun 13, 03:32 PM (2 years ago)

U see wetin booze go do some mumu.
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Solidstonez (37453) on: 14 Jul 13, 07:14 AM (2 years ago)

 Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked

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Solidstonez (37453) on: 14 Jul 13, 07:15 AM (2 years ago)

 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes

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chicco77 (22647) on: 15 Jul 13, 09:36 PM (2 years ago)

 Angry Angry
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silverndgold (793) on: 15 Jul 13, 10:21 PM (2 years ago)

 Shocked chicken ASS Huh?Huh?Huh?Huh??

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Shegzan (7005) on: 16 Jul 13, 05:53 AM (2 years ago)

D man don disvirgin d chick nw/


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