1. KDoinspire on: NLC President, Ajaero Declares Protest’ll Hold ..
    Fool. Stop making noise. You talk too much. Idiot (6 minutes ago)
  2. ejiretwins on: Qatar Makes U-turn,Set To Host Biz & Invest..
    Qatar never rejected Tinubu's visit. You are all carrying fake news around. (14 minutes ago)
  3. ejiretwins on: Controversy Unraveled: Woman Who Left Boyfriend..
    A member of perverse generation of women. (18 minutes ago)
  4. Benti247 on: Presidential Guards Brigade Placed On High Aler..
    The  north  should  think twice if the are  contemplating coup because the&nb.. (1 hour ago)
  5. fineboy77 on: Logos Olori Claims He Wrote Davido’s Unavailable
    ok (1 hour ago)