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1  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Reported: 2,500 Pregnant Teenagers Rescued From ‘Baby Factories’ In South-East I on: 6-01-2014 03:25 PM
Oya Stella D over to you please another video  and protest for Baby factories. Cool Cool Cool
2  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: INNOSON THE FIRST MADE IN NIGERIA CARS,BUSES ,TRUCKS VIDEO & PHOTOS on: 22-08-2013 05:46 PM
Nice work less publicity.
3  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Shocking Video: Garri Seller Caught With Guns Inside Her Garri on: 17-04-2012 02:32 PM
Army parades pastor, police officer for gunrunning, sale of military kits to terrorists
16/03/2012 20:19:00
  Behold the suspected gunrunner and supplier to military kits to terroristsThe army attributes the success of its operation to a revision of its strategies in combating the increasing waves of attacks by armed groups. The 23 Armoured Brigade, Yola, Adamawa State, has clamped down on a syndicate specializing in gunrunning, and sale of military gear to men of the underworld.Nancy James and her accomplice, Haliru Jumba, a pastor with Kunini Deeper Life Bible Church in Lau Local Government Area of Taraba State were caught with some cache of arms hidden inside a sack of garri at a military checkpoint in Numan Local Government Area of Adamawa State. The military says the intercepted cache of arms was heading to Gombe State where one Danjuma Luka, who is now also in police net in Taraba State, was waiting to take delivery of the consignment. The capture of Mr. Luka by the military followed the arrest of Ms. James, who the military says was making her second delivery of arms, after a previous successfully operation in February. The brigade   spokesperson, Lieutenant Victor Olukoya said the woman, caught with four double-barrel guns and two pistols, would have gotten away but for the vigilance and diligence of his men who effected her arrest, putting their counter-terrorism training to good use. Lt Olukoya said the officers subjected the sack of garri in the vehicle to a thorough search which he said led to the discovery of the arms.
"The weapons were hidden in that bag of garri and after searching the sack of garri, the guns were discovered, and the men arrested," Lt Olukoya said. The army spokesperson explained that the pastor arrested in company of the woman "is still only an accomplice" and that the police would be left to ascertain the extent of his involvement in the gunrunning scheme. 
Also paraded by the army is a police corporal, Reuben Joel, attached to the anti-terrorism unit of the Nigeria Police Force in Aba, Abia State. He was accused of trafficking military and police uniforms to terrorist Cells. Lt  Olukoya said it was amazing that a serving corporal, attached to the anti-terrorist unit of the police command in Abia State, would be involved the illegal  sale of military uniform in far away Adamawa State. The arrest of Mr. Joel by the army followed the arrest of two persons by the military at a checkpoint in Mubi, who were caught with ten uniforms and ten pairs of military boots. After they were interrogated, the men confessed to taking supply of the military uniforms from Mr. Joel, and that they were taking the consignment to Hong in Adamawa State. The arrest of the uniform traffickers, the army says,  has helped in unraveling
incidences of attack on police checkpoints and banks by men clad in military and police uniforms."It is obvious that these are the people attacking police checkpoints and banks with regalia of the military and police. It portends that we have desperate people willing to go to any extent to maim innocent lives," Mr. Olukoya stated. However, the army has attributed the success of its current operation to a revision of its strategies in combating the increasing waves of attacks by armed groups. It has therefore appealed to well-meaning Nigerians to cooperate with the military in its determination to rid the country of criminal elements and check the proliferation of arms by submitting themselves to checks at checkpoints.
This is the real story.... Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool

4  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: President Goodluck Jonathan Commissions "Almajiri Schools" In Sokoto on: 11-04-2012 01:04 PM
I pray this is the beginning of another era. I hope they will also appreciate government gesture. Cool Cool.
5  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Reuben Abati is a liar! Sahara Reporters. on: 29-02-2012 09:25 AM
This is Naija for you where do we go from here. ITT, Liars,looters....... Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool
6  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: JUSTICE? Angry Worshipers kill fleeing church bomber on: 29-02-2012 08:38 AM
Quote from: maryclaret on 26-02-2012 07:36 PM
Hmmm...I dont even know what to think here. If I should say he should have been handed to authorities, who's to say he would be charged accordingly. Nevertheless, killing him wasn't right either...

you are right it is now clear that one those was killed is a member of the Church who drop his family for service. There is an adage that say if you must set a trap,set moderately as you may be the one that could fall in it.
7  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / My Brother was not a Boko haram member. on: 28-02-2012 01:26 PM
In what turn out to be a case of mistaken identity yesterday worshipers at COCIN HQ in Jos killed one of their own God protect us in Naija. 
 Jos — A man suspected to have been in company of the suicide bomber who struck a church in Jos on Sunday was killed in error by fellow worshippers as he was actually a church member and not an attacker, relations and authorities said yesterday.

Mr. Adams Joseph Ashaba was lynched to death on the suspicion that he came along with the bomber and tried to escape just after the explosion at the Church of Christ in Nigeria headquarters.

But the Special Task Force and the deceased's relations yesterday said the late Ashaba went to the church along with his wife and two children to worship on Sunday, and he was mistaken to be together with the suicide bomber.

"(The) alleged suicide bomber killed by the angry youths at the premises of the church on 26 Feb 2012 was identified as Adams Joseph Ashaba, a member of the church and not a suicide bomber as alleged," spokesman for STF, Cpt. Mdahelya Markus, said in a statement in Jos yesterday.

A cousin of the late Ashaba, Mr. Julius Autahaa, who spoke to newsmen on behalf of the family, confirmed that the body of the person he saw at the mortuary, brought by security agents on Sunday, was that of Ashaba.

He said Ashaba went to the church with his family and that when the blast occurred, the wife quickly took the children home and came back to look for her husband.

But she could not find him and so contacted other members of his family, he added.

Autahaa said yesterday morning, somebody called them to come to the Jos University Teaching Hospital to identify a corpse.

"When we got there, we were able to identify that he was our cousin who works at Spring Bank, through his nails since his face was battered," he said.

"We wanted to claim the body but we were directed to the STF because we were told we could not claim the body as he was one of the suspects in yesterday's bombing."

He described his late cousin as light complexioned and of average height, just like the corpse.

Ashaba's colleague at the Jos branch of Enterprise Bank, Nasiru Bala, who went to the mortuary to inspect the corpse, also said it was that of Ashaba.

He said identified the corpse by the size of the head.

The COCIN church said at a separate briefing yesterday that one of the people injured in the blast later died in hospital, bringing to four the number of its members killed by the bombing.

The church said at least 50 people, including state Information commissioner Mr. Abraham Yiljab, church warden Mr. Alhamis Gukas and Appolos Dabwang, were injured and are now being treated in different hospitals in Jos.

President of COCIN, Rev. Soja Bewarang, said the church could have suffered more casualties if key elders like Governor Jonah Jang, Gen. Joshua Dogonyaro, Senator John Shagaya and Chief Solomon Lar were around.

The youth wing of the Christian Association of Nigeria, YOWICAN, in a statement, said "our conclusion is that this is a well-crafted strategy by fundamentalist Islamic leaders and politicians to destabilise Nigeria as the serial attacks on Christians is often punctuated by isolated cases of attacks on Muslims to create a false impression that the attacks are against all of us."

Member of the House of Representatives Suleiman Kwande, in a statement, condemned the attack and appealed for calm.

The COCIN church premises became a centre of attraction yesterday as people queued up to be allowed entrance to see the damages created by the blast.

The Jos killing of a church member on suspicion of him being a bomber came few weeks after a Kaduna State director was similarly shot when he was mistaken for a suicide bomber.

Pastor Isuwa Kiforo, a director in the Kaduna state Information ministry, was driving in to the government house when he was shot because he failed to stop for security checks. Days later, Kiforo died of injuries he sustained in the shooting
8  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Muslim Converts to Christianity and Exposes the evils of the Cult of Islam on: 28-02-2012 01:08 PM
Quote from: xter on 15-02-2012 01:40 PM
I don't understand why Muslims get furious whenever they are been linked or called terrorists. Check out d names of d world's top 25 wanted terrorists, they are Muslims! You terrorists lol
Hmmm somebody's terrorist is another person's freedom fighter. I suggest to free your mind and open your eyes from the hate inside you those terrorist list you know (world top 25) are given by your god USA (FBI/CIA).  Meanwhile check these facts :
 According to the FBI database, there have been 318 terrorist incidents in the US from 1980-2005. That includes 209 bombings and 43 arsons. Out of those incidents, 42% were committed by Latino groups, 24% by Extreme Left Wing groups, 7% by Jewish Extremists, 6% by Muslim Extremists, and 5% by Communists.
 A RAND Corporation [funded by the U.S. government] report titled “Would-be Warriors” reveals some very interesting facts:
 1. Not a single U.S. civilian has been killed by Muslim extremists since Sept 11, 2001.
 2. Only 3 out of 83 acts of terrorism between 9/11 and 2009 were done by Muslim extremists. Most were by animal rights and environmental activists.
 3. There was more terrorism in the 1970s than the 21st century. There were over 60 terrorist incidents per year on U.S. soil, most of them being bombings. That’s 15 – 20 times more terrorism than post 9/11.
 Europol’s report titled “EU Terrorism Situation and Trend Report” showed that 0.4% of terrorist attacks from 2006-2008 were committed by Muslim extremists. That means 99.6% of terrorist attacks were by non-Muslims, most of which were separatists and leftists. ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
9  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Muslim Converts to Christianity and Exposes the evils of the Cult of Islam on: 28-02-2012 12:28 PM
Hmmm Kamal you have being brought up in an environment of hate among different faiths very soon you will start to hate Muslims just the way you hate Christians. I challenge All who grew up knowing only one religion and was trained to hate the other religion to tell me if he will not be like Kamal. Here in Naija many people including the poster are ignorant of Islam hence you cut and paste hate material since you are told they are evil. You should first know about the religion not the adherent. In as much as we have good Muslims we have also good Christians,and vice vise. Kamal, Mr poster did not tell us anything about Islam rather he told us about his mothers love for revenge and quest for freedom in his country. Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Lips Sealed
10  Forum / Politics / Re: Ex USA envoy tells Nigeria "Don’t look for foreign support 2 get Boko Haram" on: 24-02-2012 01:14 PM
Double think! Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked
11  Forum / FunnyHub (Jokes + Comedy) / Re: FIRST LADY AGAIN on: 24-12-2011 03:17 PM
Quote from: Idbabe on 21-12-2011 12:53 PM
First lady "Dame P" on Sunday? went to console Ojukwu family "
These are her words
Ojukwu is a great man, he died but his manhood lives on" =))º°˚˚˚°ºнeĦeнeº°˚˚˚°º=)). Na wa ooo

you sure say she no say ''his hood still lives on'' Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool
12  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Knack me Akpako: Angry Fans Beat Up Terry G In Benin on: 24-12-2011 01:57 PM
Ahuwa met ahuwa be he forget that he is in Benin. They for flog am with koboko? hahaha! no mind me joo
13  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Gorimakpa : Oge Okoye Shaves Her Hair For Widow Movie Role on: 24-12-2011 01:48 PM
Money!money! money!!!hmmm!! Cool Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
14  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Photos : Nigerian gay man opens a gay entertainment company in Abia State on: 24-12-2011 01:15 PM
Hmmm! company we are in for it Sadom/Gomora  Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh?
15  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Muslim Police Chief Shuts Redeemed Church Inside Police College on: 24-12-2011 10:08 AM
Quote from: tmaxdon on 18-11-2011 07:08 PM
Nigeria is a country where everyone uses his or her power anyhow ...I am sorry to say most people are religious fanatics but they claim not to be ...fcuk everyone that thinks all Europeans (the western worlds) are fanatics or racist. my school is a state university and the state is catholic state ,we have a catholic church in my school and a mosque for the Muslims.Meanwhile,in some Arab nations you are not allowed to carry the Bible and that is why I will never practise Islam(My grand parents were Muslims over half of my extended family are still Muslims)bcos there's no freewill in the religion.God himself gave the chance to obey His commandment or not...Muslims please change the way you think ...let the world rest a little bit ,who are you  to tell someone else that his religion is not accepted by God? I am sure I didn't hurt anyone with my comment. it is the truth and the truth they say is bitter.

 Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool
16  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Girl, found hanging in police station, was not murdered on: 10-10-2011 09:55 PM
Quote from: ajanni on 13-06-2011 07:59 AM
from where is that happened?

Na tales by moonlight be this
17  Forum / FunnyHub (Jokes + Comedy) / Re: The new found fire brand Police Pastor. on: 10-10-2011 09:51 PM
Quote from: Skypon2002 on  9-10-2011 11:23 AM
@poster na ur Bosom  u carry dey give ram?  Shocked Shocked Shocked

No be my Bosom  o na big balloon  she come hid inside oo.
18  Forum / Politics / Re: Nigeria arrests three ex-governors for alleged fraud on: 10-10-2011 09:36 PM
I wish there will be the liver to try them and prosecute them. May its just another attempt to cover up,these are the same people that ensure the power that be to be there. so what the Heck.......!!!!!
19  Forum / FunnyHub (Jokes + Comedy) / Re: The new found fire brand Police Pastor. on: 8-10-2011 08:50 AM
Okay oo make i no be olodo.. just for those who miss it.
20  Forum / FunnyHub (Jokes + Comedy) / The new found fire brand Police Pastor. on: 8-10-2011 08:19 AM
This one happen on Lagos-Ibadan express road, a Pastor met a team of policemen who, quite naturally, wanted 'something'
from him. Since he was not prepared to play their games, they asked for his papers and having combed
through everything without any offence with which to nail the 'stubborn' pastor, they now asked him to open
the bonnet of his car. A careful scrutiny of the engine number against what was on paper revealed that
letter U was written in such a way that it could be  mistaken for letter V.

That was all the officer-in-charge needed to shout stolen vehicle! Sensing trouble, even when he knew
he committed no offence, the pastor called the OC to say he was a priest to which the officer replied,
"Please, leave that pastor any case, if you are indeed a pastor, then you must have a Bible in
your car, bring it."

The Pastor did as was commanded after which the officer now ordered: "Please read Matthew 5:25, 26 to
me". The incredulous Pastor opened to the recommended passage and read; "Settle matters quickly with your
adversary who is taking you to court. Do it while you are still with him on the way, or he may hand you over
to a judge, and the judge may hand you over to the officer, and you may be thrown into prison. I tell you
the truth; you will not get out until you have paid the last penny."

The man of God quietly made an "offering" of "just" one N100 to his newly found "preacher".
End of service! "Go in peace and argue no more", said
the OC.
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