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141  Forum / Politics / Re: ZIMBABWE & THE ENERTIA OF AFRICAN RULERS on: 11-10-2008 02:23 PM
Dont think they will look beyond power for a while to come.
Mugabe is a sly fox and only lives for power.
142  Forum / Politics / Re: Wat r ur views abt dis: Iran & Nigeria making a Nuke Agreement. on: 11-10-2008 08:49 AM
Well one thing i hope for sure if they start building those nuclear towers i hope they are being better build then your roads and houses or disaster will strike.
143  Forum / Politics / Re: NUCLEAR WEAPONS on: 11-10-2008 08:45 AM
I tell you why.

Because the USA is very destructive in lots of things.
And they think they are above the law they think whatever they do is justified but is it?
They put sanctions and rules on every country except themselves. So they can keep doing what they do.
144  Forum / Politics / Re: WHAT IS WRONG WITH NIGERIA? on: 5-10-2008 02:00 PM
Im reading this time and time again. Blaming all on the colonial masters.

I ask you what was Nigeria like before it became a colony?

And dont get me wrong i dont mean this in a negative.
Im just wondering. What would it have become? Any idea? How do you see this?
Where things better or worse after it became independent?

See Australia is still a colony in a way we are still under English rule.

145  Forum / Politics / Re: IS NIGERIA's VISION 2020 A REALITY OR ANOTHER HUGE JOKE? on: 5-10-2008 01:43 PM
Godsson these promises are made by politicians all over the world.
Here in Australia there wouldnt be one child living in poverty in the 1990 well we are still all waiting on that too.
As soon as they are on the top they forget whats on the bottom.
Pitty that they have been able to line there pockets while in power so never to know what the bottom really looks like.
146  Forum / Politics / Re: NUCLEAR WEAPONS on: 5-10-2008 01:33 PM
America made so many enemies thats why they need to have the best weapons as they are very frightened indeed.
Look back in history and see what a mess they left after every war in the world. Vietnam, Korea and now Iraq as they have never finished anything proper. They have a big mouth and let other people clean up there mess they made in the world. Even now children lose there limbs in Vietnam on land mines what the Americans planted.
How come the world is trying to ban landmines lots of nations did sign this agreement except The USA? How come America is exempt of being able to prosecute there war criminals? Are they better then the rest of the world? Dont think so.
The Bush family has the biggest investment in weapons of mass destruction so why should they want to give this up?
On Obama. Black people have to believe first themselves that a black man can win.
To me it doesnt matter what race he/she will be.
147  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: segxwal Horoscope on: 3-10-2008 12:48 AM

And wow 100% right   Grin
148  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: where is everyone from?? on: 28-09-2008 12:01 PM
Born near Eindhoven in the Netherlands
Migrated to Australia.
Lived in Sydney, Brisbane,Broken Hill, and now near Canberra The Australian Capitol City
149  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: OPRAH WINFREY SAYS: All Nigerians Are Corrupt including Dangote on: 17-09-2008 01:05 PM
Well it was aired here in Australia as well. Although i didnt see it personally my kids did. I came home and they said Mum Ophra had this show on about Nigeria and how much they rip people of.
It looks like all Nigerian are scammers.

Look your country has not a good name in this world at the moment. Even when i joined naijpals a warning came on about scamming. You know when i was in The Netherlands i bought a sim card T Mobile i couldnt text or talk to Nigeria as they bared your country. I did complain about this as it wasnt mentioned on the packing they told me the reason was corruption. Your country was not the only one though. The ban could be lifted at extra cost.

And there are many more bans like this believe me.
There are scammers all over the world. But it seems to stick more with Nigeria. And although it is a minority who does the scamming it still will stick with your country for a long time to come.

I for one love your country maybe you should ask her to visit it first and then see if she is still of the same opinion.

150  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: safety on nigeria roads, the do's and donts(for all road users- Pedestrian.. on: 14-08-2008 02:33 AM
Well what can i say? Lips Sealed My partner and friends where in stitches when they saw my face when confronted with your traffic hazards.  Grin White lines dont mean nothing. I think its more a case of close your eyes and hope for the best.  Wink
151  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: WHAT DO YOU THINKING DATING A WHITE LADY!!!! on: 13-08-2008 08:26 AM
Nothing wrong with that. Good luck. And yes there are culture differences. But we can learn from each other. Its give and take. Im not going to go wow your a black man. I dont even see the colour when im with him. All i see is his him and his heart. 
152  Forum / Politics / Re: DESCRIBE NIGERIA IN ONE WORD! on: 30-07-2008 07:12 AM
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