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1  Forum / Politics / Re: #NigeriaDecides: Official INEC Result From 8 States + FCT Released, PDP Leading on: 30-03-2015 05:22 PM
I do not have any dog in this fight, but based on the total votes despite GMB wining 5 out of the 9 announced states, GEJ is leading...Nigeria Presidential Election is won by popular vote counts and right now GMB is 49.8% with 2,302,984 votes and GEJ is 50.2% with 2,322,734 votes...albeit too close to call, so they are statistically tied but mathematically the OP is current by saying that GEJ is leading.
2  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Boko Haram Releases New Videos, Stones Adulterer To Death, Amputates Thief on: 9-02-2015 11:31 PM
Come on, no bi NEPA light bi that!

True true, I no believe say dis guy det sabesy forest (abi wetin dey they call am self).

This guy must be enjoying in one officers' mess....people wey dey for city, when dem see light, NA half current, come see full current.,.,abi book carry generator enter inside forest?

The guy even get mobile phone, check your phone, you go see say na only 2 or even 1 bar you get, and you dey inside city where tower and mask full ground remain and dis guy dey use cell phone for inside forest?

Plus dem get internet access to dey upload their video to you tube from....haba mana, check am na. This guy is relaxing in one officer's quarters.
3  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Prince Uche Calls Out Nigerians To Assist As He Battles Diabetes & Hypertension on: 9-02-2015 11:12 PM
Except for a lifestyle change, diabetics and hypertension are not curable not that they can flow abroad and be treated or be operated upon or have some organs donated.

Take you daily insulins and hypertension medications to manage the disease or some lifestyle chane will be in order.
4  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Buhari Releases Statement to Press on the Issue About his School Results on: 22-01-2015 05:34 AM
Quote from: sege2001 on 21-01-2015 04:20 PM
The question dat needs to be answred is why is he not with his certificate cos in a real sense u graduate, u collect ur certificate and keep it for ur future use. I believe something is fishing . God help us

None sense,  till today, I am not with my primary school certificate, I also have not collected my university diplomas i.e. After graduating some 15 years ago. Reason? I have not had need for them....and as such do not see the need of traveling to get them.

In 2019, when I want to contest to be the best President that Nigeria will ever have and then ask my old school to release those certificates to the media, people like you will come to naija and start saying 'something is finishing'.

Let's move on, this non issue has been beaten to death.

Disclaimer: I do not support Buhari and will not vote for him, neither will I vote for GEJ.
5  Forum / Sports / Re: Chelsea Star, John Mikel Obi Becomes A British Citizen on: 18-01-2015 07:30 PM
Quote from: chiboi123 on 18-01-2015 05:56 AM
i wonder why you people are congratulating him ? if it was to be some other country they will ban him from playing for his national team, i watched his interview the other day and he was trying to speak with an accent ? When will Nigerians be Original ? Russians live in America for years and even German's or Italians but you only know  them when they speak English because they are original to their mother tongue, but any Nigeria who have the opportunity to live in such area just 3 months already forms an accent ?  his application for British citizenship simply means to me he is not proud been a Nigeria and denying his country.  hope they allow him to play for  England nation team since he is now a  British citizen. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 

You made some good points and observations, but with the wrong premises....What you call 'form accent' is a reality many immigrates face and many have to pay good money to Language instructors to speak that way, so that they can get a job a feed their family and survive in a foreign country. It is a very bad sight to behold when during an interview after answering the interviewer in your normal speech patter and the person say, "I do not understand what you just said, please repeat yourself".

Also, just like you detect Russians', Germans' or Italians' accents when they speak English in Nigeria, also native British people also detect the Nigeria accent, when even people like Mikel speaks with what you just called 'formed accent' but now they understand him more. Plus there places in UK where people speaks Yoruba, Ibo in the publicly and you will not even know you are in UK, you will think you are in Nigeria.

Believe me, many immigrates do not 'form accents' and many want to switch it off, when they come home or speaking with a Nigerian, but because it is learned and they are use to it, they unconsciously speak that way and they truly are not getting any feedback from the person listening to switch.

I am based in the US, when I hear a Nigeria speaks even on the phone with the US accent, I know they are from Nigeria. You cannot eliminate your accent, you can only mask them and a careful listener will detect them.
6  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Woman Catches Husband Burying Their 10-Year-Old Daughter Alive (PHOTOS x VIDEO) on: 18-01-2015 04:50 PM
I loved the part where they make to beat him to pulp before calling the police, that is the correct order....

except that they would have poured cold water on him to revive him and once he regain consciousness, then they can beat him to pulp again and do it over one more time before calling the police.
7  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: OMG! Isoko Woman Commits Suicide In Abuja After She Was Caught In The Act! on: 18-01-2015 04:45 PM
I am trying to take this all in from the left field here....and I could be wrong, my theory is that her guilt drove her over the Clift, and that had her husband shown the natural annoyance, anger or even given her a strong dirty slap (yes, I know it an abuse), her conscience and guilt would have been bearer because, she would have felt that she have received some level of recommendation for her bad.

Those days, when we were kids and had done something wrong and we fully know that we have earned and will be getting dad's Koboko, our conscience is a termentor when such deserved beating do not materialize plus dad is not showing any sign of been offended by our deeds.

This rings very close to home as she is from this same village as me and Ozoro is a very small conservative, she just could not bear the negative this would have cost plus according to tradition, she would have been force to publicly appease the family gods and cleanse her matrimonial home and bed.
8  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Read What AirAsia QZ8501 Flight Attendant Said From 38,000 ft" Before She Died on: 6-01-2015 02:01 AM
It is incorrect to imply that you wrote that message during that same flight before the unfortunate event.

She wrote and post that message to her big, about two weeks before the crash.
9  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: R.I.P: President Goodluck Jonathan's Younger Sister Dies In Hospital on: 5-01-2015 05:54 AM
Quote from: beneno on  4-01-2015 10:01 PM
before 2011 election his brother died after a brief ilness living wife and children behind,2015 election is at hand and his sister died after a brief ilness.i no talk o. i dont support buhari or eveven Joena.i am just talking reality,my own is who the cap fit let him wear it.RIP to the dead, God knows best   Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes

Actually, his brother Mr. Meni Jonathan, died on November 2012 at the State House Clinic, Abuja.. He was battling his ailment for months and was receiving medical attention in his home state of Bayelsa for several months before he was flown to the State House Clinic Abuja the day prior to his death.
10  Forum / Politics / Re: I Will Create 2 Million Jobs If Elected - Rafiu Salau, AD Presidential Candidate on: 4-01-2015 04:33 AM
He can't even create one job for himself! i.e. The job of the President of Nigeria talkless of creating 2 million jobs for others.
11  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Nigerian Group In USA Wants UK & US To Deny Nigerian Officials Visa Over Gay Law on: 4-01-2015 04:26 AM
Quote from: oset801 on  4-01-2015 03:20 AM
these are bunch of idiots that have been brainwashed by US and her cohorts to fight against the anti gay law in nigeria, but they will fail becos gay is not only against human nature but against God Word

Going by that yard stick, fornication and adultery are against God's word, shouldn't we should promulgate a law against it, such that anyone that indulges on conviction should to go jail for 10 years?

The Bible says, leave the shafts and the wheats to grow together until the harvest/judgement day when The Lord of harvest shall judge and separate them....note the bold/underline.

The problem with us, is we want to play God. This law does not advance the Kingdom of God one bit, it does not stop the sin, it even make it harder to evangelize these people. We call ourselves Christians, but we have already judge these people before the judgement....despite the bible saying..."the sinners go ya before thee into the kingdom of God.."
12  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Transgender Teenager, 17, Leaves Heartbreaking Suicide Note Blaming Her Parents on: 1-01-2015 08:40 AM
Quote from: Asterimou on  1-01-2015 02:04 AM
We all understood the stupid boy. perhaps you started having that same feeling at 4. For God's sake, i know a little kid of 4 years who just celebrated her birthday today, she don't even know what "thinking" is all about. Take your preaching the countries who think your like and for your information, every child/kid is under his parents guidance and his parent tried everything they could to bring him to his senses. He is not even 18 for God's sake! This is outright rebellion and yes, most of us in Africa says he didn't do well. OS, if he feels he has no right to live cos he want to live a stupid and demonic way of life, so good for him. he did not appreciate his "life" which is very precious in God's eye. am glad his parents did all they could to help him..
So stop writing these kind of things here cos its not welcomed here. take them to the gay world and u will win a medal. not here
Thanks for your comment...and No! I did not start having such feelings when I was four, infact I do not even know the age at which I came to realize my gender, and that is probably true the majority of you know why? It was very insignificant, it was natural, their was no conflict between the mind and physique; so the brain did not record it as a significant event that can easily be recalled when one is old.

But, you will agree that few people have a recollection of some event that occurred to them when they were four years old and if you examine those events, they are very significant to them.

Gender conflict and adjustment is very significant and it is plausible that this kid remembered it more so, from his note; he had strict Christian parents who must have had other kids who do not have the same conflict like this kid, despite been raised under the same environment and condition.

No one is asking for your medal, do not judge others for what you clearly do not understand. Not everything is black and white....try to show love and empathy....I know that showing empathy is very difficult and foreign, because it entails forsaking one's preconceived notion and try to give the other side some benefit of a doubt.

Saul was a king possessed by demons, who David had to minister to from time to time. Eventually, Saul chased David and tried severally to kill him, Saul committed many uncountable sins before God, but when a young soldier brought the news of Saul death to David and even sugar coated it by saying he killed Saul because he knew he will not survive the battle and brought David Saul's crown, since he knows David's has been anointed as the next king....David did not rejoice and call Saul stupid, who has gotten want he deserved or deride him for been demon possessed and pushed by demons to fight God's plans...David torn his clothes, wept, fasted and then had the messenger killed....David was a man after God's own heart, try to be such and do not pile-on and judge others too harshly lest you be judged harshly.
13  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Transgender Teenager, 17, Leaves Heartbreaking Suicide Note Blaming Her Parents on: 31-12-2014 02:47 PM
It is really sad and disappointing to read some comments here. The lack of empathy and understanding is worrisome and shows that, we as a people still have a long way to go.

The quickness to judgement, the laziness in critical thinking or trying to forsake bias and prejudice to see if you can understand this boy's position and predicament and the willingness to play God and assumption on what God intended is palpable even when the Bible says, there are many things we do not understand and that we see now as through a veil. No! am not gay, that is foreign and strange to me, am married with kids but I have the capacity to empathize with people, to forsake my preconceived ideas and try to listen to others.

Stop to think about it for a second, this guy started having this feeling when he was four years old, before he knew there was facebook or social medial, before he had any friends, read anything about gender, etc...He even said, he never knew what he felt, he did not have a name for it...but internally he felt like a lady. At that young age is when kids starts displaying their gender qualities eg the type of toys they play with, the way they comport themselves, etc and they mostly do this unconsciously. No! he was not possessed, Jesus said the kingdom of God is for little kids like him at that age, they are and were innocent.

There are lot of things we do not understand in life, and we do not have all the answers. We should stop playing God and stop putting every creation of His in a single segxwality bucket and label it as a model of what it should be. segxwally is very complex, it involve lot of chemical balances, hormones, brain mechanism, etc...the way we get our gender is very complex and to reduce it to just two broad categories and label anything else as evil is myopic and playing God.

Lets come to the physical realm that we all understands and can relate to...we have seen people born with 6 fingers or toes, conjoined twins, people with woman parts and men parts, female with more than two Bosom s, people with other physical deformities that do not fit with the norm...I have yet to see anyone judging these people on the contrary we have sympathy and empathy for them, we looked at ourselves, count our blesses and thank God that we were born norm and would not have to face the ridicule or difficulties these people will face in life. Our reaction here was opposite, because we can easily identify with these people.

There is no biased comment asking to the person with 6 fingers to cut the extra digits off else he/she will not be accepted by God. No prompting to conjoined twins to be separated else they will suffer in hell fire...then while judge a little four year old kid, who have the same disposition of been born in a form that do not fit the norm? Do you really think God did not understand his thoughts when he was four year God? Are you saying that God did not create them that way?

For some saying, this is a choice; are you serious....put yourself in their shoes for a moment...picture yourself as a four year old or as a teenage in high school and picture yourself 'making a choice' to be gay...I know! you see how humiliating and disgusting it looks? Look around and see how your friends are laughing at you....look at how few friends you now have...look at the threats you are now getting...look at the isolation, look at the beautiful chicks and girls you will be missing out snap back to today, and you think any high school kid will purposely put themselves in that position, if you remember high school, everyone flow with the tide, we do what our peers are doing, we want to belong, very few kids flow against the tide and in most cases, it is against their personal choices, it is either through parental strictness or some fear and you say some kids will out of their own choice choose to flow against the tide and trend?...i.e. they are born straight and by choice want to be gay? It is a struggle and a hard choice for them...the truth is they are jealous of you straight kids, they want to be like you, they know society condemns them, ...that is why they hide their identities!
14  Forum / Politics / Re: Joker! I Have At Least N1m In My Account - As Buhari Declares His "Assets" on: 14-12-2014 02:53 AM
The guy said he had at LEAST N1million is his account and many are commenting here as if he said...He have at MOST N1million in his account.

He is implying that, the SMALLEST amount of money he have in his account is N1million, the actual amount or the most could be N2million or N20million or N200million, we did not know and he did not make that known, so any comment here by anyone as to the actual or approximate amount of money he have in his account is at best mere speculation as the General did not make that information known nor did he declare it.
15  Forum / Politics / Re: Correct Man! Obama Grants American Citizenship To 4.5 Million Illegal Immigrants on: 22-11-2014 06:45 PM
Nonsense, Obama does have the power to grant anyone a Green Card talkless of citizenship. Also he did not grant them any legal status, only congress can do any of those.

What he as the head of the executive branch, who have to arrest, prosecute crimes including illegal immigapration did is to proritize the category of illegal immigrates they will go after.

It simply means, if you are an illegal immigrate in the US and had been living there for the past fives and are not a felon; the government is saying, if you come forward, pay some fees and also pay your taxes; they will not go after you and deport you, plus you will be give a chance to essence, your crimes has not been pardon, you are still an illegal immigrate, just that you are not an enforcement priority to the government and this is temporary.

The government can change their mind anytime or another president can come and cancel all that and since you came out of hiding, you can easily be picked up and deported for violating immigration laws.

Also, this is an epitome of taxation without representation or a will be forced to pay taxes without the privilege of getting the benefits of these taxes like other tax payers eg you still do not qualify for any means tested helps, you do not qualify for social security, are just in a suspended are still an illegal immigrate only that now, you are carrying a card from the government that essentially say..."This is an illegal immigrate, but do not depot him yet, give him a job for the time being"
16  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: TF!!?? US Embassy Turns Down Visa Application For Blessing Okagbare's Husband on: 21-11-2014 06:39 AM
It is obvious why he was denied a visa....She is a Permanent Resident and they just got married. Which means by default, the husband is an intending immigrate or that is how the interviewing officer will see him. The wait time to petition for a fiance visa is long and the husband have to wait in Nigeria until his fiance visa is approved, before he can join her in the US, and since she is a Permanent Resident, that is years.

Now, the embassy know that, most people want to take the short cut...She must have requested for a non-immigrate visa for her husband and that is a red flag before the embassy. If the embassy grant him a non-immigrate visa, when they get to the US, all Blessing need to do is apply for adjustment of status plus a fiance visa for the husband in the US, once she does that, the husband can legally stay and work in the US until his visa is adjudicated upon...which is years and this would have been the same amount of time he would have waited in Nigeria for his fiance visa to be approved.

So, the embassy knows this trick and once they determine that one has a tendency to immigrate, they will most likely have their non-immigration visa application denied; unless one can show a greater tie to Nigeria and something in Nigeria that will compel the person to return back....with her wife in the US, it is very difficult to show such a tie.
17  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: LMAO! Mad Woman - Kendra Wilkinson Claims She Flushed $1M Ring Out Of Anger on: 19-08-2014 09:30 PM
Can you please show me the location of the socker way pit, so I can go get it?
18  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: SCARY! Saudi Arabia Man Tested For Ebola Die Suddenly; Hajj Banned on: 6-08-2014 05:25 PM
See bad business, how 9ja politicians and their government co-conspirators go come see haji money chop this year na?

Ebi like say dis Ebola na blessing in disguise as it will curtail unnecessary traveling by Nigeria government thieveries, as each country will start canceling their visas.
19  Forum / FunnyHub (Jokes + Comedy) / Re: Women and their lies. on: 30-06-2014 02:08 AM
Ode, she was talking about visiting mama Nkechi her God mother in the village duf! Did you see any place where she indicated that, she was talking about her biological mother?
20  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Nigerian Texas-Based Day Care Owner, Jessica Tata Sentenced To 80 Years In Jail on: 25-06-2014 11:29 PM
Quote from: beneno on 25-06-2014 10:26 AM
why not just call it life imprisonment  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes

Life in prison in TX is 60 yrs, with good behavior, she can be out in 30, ie when she us about 55 years old.

So, what she got is harsher than life in prison.
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