Nigeria's black Jews re-discovered? (Page 24)

Date: 24-07-2012 3:13 am (11 years ago) | Author: Tony Ladipo
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you dey ask her or u dey answer the question !!!

FinlandGuy my brother i trow slut oooo e go better for you for  the rest of your life i can see your good work
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FinlandGuy my brother i trow slut oooo e go better for you for  the rest of your life i can see your good work
Keven the main man,the right man,You are destined to live long and may God bless you broda,It is well wit you forever.
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It is well with you Maggie !!!
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Ok Nurse,Thank you and God bless you and your house hold!!!! But one thing,i no dey fit eat well,i need medicine ohhhhhh
i took a course in biopsychology. now i am not a doctor but i can tell you this, most of us are naive about why we eat. what really triggers hunger is the scent of food. it is possible that when you finally do eat something, your brain is triggered and therefore you are hungry. also, your stomach grumbling is not a sign that your body is starving, it is a sign that your body is preparing itself for food. do you ever hear your stomach grumble? maybe something is wrong with your glucose levels. go to a doctor because you never know what can be wrong with you. good luck.
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Keven the main man,the right man,You are destined to live long and may God bless you broda,It is well wit you forever.

Amen my brother and you two....... don,t maned those useless fools igbo,s are on top if they like it on not am proud to be an igbo
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It is well with you Maggie !!!
Always eat (breakfast) it jump starts your metabolism, making you hungrier. Thats why they tell you to eat breakfast. Your metabolism will work better throughout the day and less later in night. There has probably been a chemical change in your digestive system. Just adjust and eat breakfast. Its good for you!
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i took a course in biopsychology. now i am not a doctor but i can tell you this, most of us are naive about why we eat. what really triggers hunger is the scent of food. it is possible that when you finally do eat something, your brain is triggered and therefore you are hungry. also, your stomach grumbling is not a sign that your body is starving, it is a sign that your body is preparing itself for food. do you ever hear your stomach grumble? maybe something is wrong with your glucose levels. go to a doctor because you never know what can be wrong with you. good luck.
Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin
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Always eat (breakfast) it jump starts your metabolism, making you hungrier. Thats why they tell you to eat breakfast. Your metabolism will work better throughout the day and less later in night. There has probably been a chemical change in your digestive system. Just adjust and eat breakfast. Its good for you!
Thank you my nurse u made my night sweet. I just inbox you!!!
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Ignorance imprisons the mind and it's way deadlier than HIV/AIDS. However, i am wondering if there is anything so special in being Jew. Are Jew specially created or favoured by God? Or are they super-humans? I need someone to answer these questions for me quick? Religion has bastardised the very essence of humanity. It is a pity that God The Creator didn't put us into categories and classes but his creation did. Today religion teaches us that if you are a Jew, you're a descendant of Abraham who was a descendant of Noah's son Shem. And i wonder if Noah wasn't a product of a man and a woman. I guess he fell from Heaven like Mannas. I think this biblical favouritism towards the Jews is totally flawed if we have to trace back our roots. If Adam was the first man created by God, then automatically he was the first Jew, Gentile, Pharisee,, etc all put together. Except  the so-called Jews want to argue that Abraham was not a descendant of Adam.  
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igbo fake jewish human heads...........
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: How igbo Boys Have Sex With Corpses To Make Money!
 Shocked Shocked

For instance, in Enugu and some other parts of the East, secret cults now thrive as they offer the youths temporary solution to their problems. These cult groups transcend the normal campus brotherhoods whose members are often used by rich politicians.  The newer form of secret cults boats of members that engage in esoteric ritual practices, human sacrifices inclusive. Street Journal’s investigations revealed that these cult groups have taken firm root in most big cities in the East. They now attract big boys who are seeking wealth, power and fame. Membership most times is made up of politicians, professionals, top civil servants, big time merchants; captains of industries, even clergymen are not left out.

For some others, the practice of having sex with a corpse is recommended. This is said to be one of the most potent rituals in money making. In some cases however, money seekers are ordered to have sex with lunatics. A rich trader was caught pants down with a mad woman in Ogbete Main Market in Enugu about three years ago

Most people in the east adduced the growth of such money making cults to the average belief of the Igbo man in juju or “ogwu” as it is called in the local parlance. That aside, many people became members in order to protect themselves from enemies and to seek total victory over them. The medicine men who anchor most of the groups are believed to be capable of waging spiritual warfare against whoever opposes them.

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fake jewish.........

hummmmmmmmmmmm the real jewish don,t do this kind of stuff...

We also know that ibo people:

1) Most of them are 419'ers.
2) Most of them are into ritual killings, (Of which originated in ibo land i'e ogwugwu Deity etc,
3) Most of them sell fake drugs, i.e cough medicine etc, (leading to many fatal deaths)
4) Have the highest percentage of drug smugglers, (most drug dealers being sentenced to death or being beheaded in Asian and Islamic countries are ibo's)
5) Are one of the world's most ruthless people, (This can also be noticed in their very aggressive manner in talking and their day to day living)
 Most 419 ers in America from houston to dallas to new york has been mostly igbos
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Onitsha sex market•Pregnant women, mothers & daughters involved


« posted : November 20, 2011, 04:01:55 PM (8 months ago) »


It was a Sunday evening, a supposedly holy day for Christians. Traditionally, the major markets are closed in Onitsha, the commercial capital of Anambra State in South East Nigeria, and it is either a visiting day for the city dwellers or time to attend town union meetings. It is also a day to unwind at the various drinking joints.

Time was 6:45pm and this reporter was at the Lagos Park bypass near the Chisco Park to investigate an already conceived script from enquiries about some areas of the city, inhabited by women of easy virtue.
Dusk was gradually kissing the day goodbye and the area was bustling with a flurry of activities. Commercial cyclists (Okada) and motorists honked their horns while music blasted from the loud speakers of a nearby record store. Everyone seemed in a hurry either to get home or to complete other tasks before nightfall.

Travellers were boarding the night buses to Lagos even as motor park touts scouted for more passengers. This reporter sat on a plastic chair at Mama Nkechi’s kiosk where the middle-aged woman sold all kinds of spirits, local concoctions, kola and gin after getting her permission under the pretence that I was waiting for a brother traveling to Lagos that night.

While fiddling with my phone, the reporter’s “third” eye was also fixed on an unfolding scene nearby. Two young ladies clutching leather handbags and another black polythene bag popularly known as ‘walkie-talkie’ suddenly appeared from the opposite direction, near the Chisco Park toilet. They briefly exchanged pleasantries, scanned the environment and walked towards a lock-up stall painted in a popular noodles wrapper’s colour and began fiddling with their phones. Soon after, other ladies joined them.

One of them approached the Chisco Park gate and pretended to hang around when a man, probably in his late 50s, emerged from inside and handed her a big sack tied with a rope. She took the bag to the lock-up stall and in a jiffy, the other ladies helped her untie it and they used it to create an emergency room in front of the stall. Within seconds, two young men appeared carrying double wooden benches, which the ladies collected and placed inside the make-shift tent. By this time, their number had increased.

Another woman in wrapper and blouse with dark glasses covering her eyes, who sat beside this reporter at the ogogoro kiosk, rose from her seat, crossed to the other side of the road and also joined them. All the ladies, now over 20, pulled out the content of their ‘walkie-talkie’ polythene bags and began to undress. Like a relay race where the athletes wait for the referee to shout on-your-marks, they all pulled off the semi-decent clothes they wore and changed into something wacky, provocative and all-revealing. In just two minutes, the jeans trousers, skirts and tops suddenly disappeared and bikinis and petty coats took over.

By now, darkness had fully descended and illumination was only from the head lamps of passing vehicles and motorcycles. They lit candle sticks inside the tent while some among them also lit cigarette sticks and began to puff away. As if on cue, young men begin trickling into the arena and the ‘business’ then took off for real.
Welcome to Onitsha-Lagos park bypass, the unofficial headquarters of illicit sex in Onitsha. Prostitution, they say, is one of the oldest ‘professions’ in the world. It takes various forms and methods, depending on the peculiarities of the people and the area involved.

Sunday Sun investigation in Onitsha revealed that illicit sex trade thrives unabated despite the campaigns against the spread of Human Immuno-Deficiency Virus (HIV) and the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) coupled with all the preaching against immorality in churches and mosques.
Investigation further revealed that some of the prostitutes engage in unprotected sex with clients provided the monetary exchange is right. This reporter spent several days combing different parts of the town between 6pm and midnight and the discoveries were incredible.

The Onitsha big sex market
Apart from trying to unearth how the prostitutes start their business every night, it was discovered that the prostitution business is a big network at the Upper Iweka-Lagos Park, comprising various actors with different roles. Located conspicuously behind the Upper Iweka flyover and sandwiched between Ekeson and Chisco parks is a thriving prostitution racket. Here a bottle of beer costs more than a bout of illicit sex. It is an open market for barrow pushers and other classes of men, who desire to sleep with women for a price.
There is no night life in Onitsha owing to the security situation and peculiarity of the area. But another sort of night business thrives, unknown to a large number of the city dwellers.

The Onitsha-Lagos park wakes up early as the cock crows for those who want to take the first buses to their various destinations. Surprisingly, the area never goes to sleep. This is not because trading or business lasts that long but a different transaction, weird in nature, replaces the normal businesses of the day. Prostitution, debauchery and other crimes take over from 6:45pm to 10pm.
From the entrance of the bypass to the end connecting the flyover and Port Harcourt Road, commercial sex workers in different sizes, colours and shapes beckon to male passers-by, soliciting patronage. Dressed in the most provocative wears, they chorus: “Fine man, I will do you fine oh”; “Brother, you will like my service”; as well as other seductive and amorous clichés.

From the several nights spent in the area, it was discovered that most shops and kiosks in that axis were converted to emergency brothels when the rightful owners had closed for the day’s business. Sex takes place on wooden benches arranged in double rows. Each tent contains a minimum of three wooden benches and the male clients have sex with the prostitutes in turns. Sometimes, the three benches can be occupied at the same time while everybody does his own thing not minding the other person’s business.

The benches are owned by some men inside the park, who rent them to the prostitutes for a fee daily.
Further enquires revealed that the sex workers have an informal union as any intending member must first be inducted before she is allowed to ply her trade in the area.
Pretending to be a ‘customer’, the reporter gave one of them, who identified herself as Jane, a generous tip and she disclosed that the business was good and revealed further how they operate.

“We have our oga (boss) here, who supervises what we do. He is the one who supplies us condoms through one of his friends, who is a medicine dealer at the Onitsha Bridge Head Market. We also pay him a certain stipend at the end of the day. A round of sex here is N300 but sometimes we reduce the amount if the person is stingy.”
Sunday Sun also learnt that the proprietor of the sex business has private rooms within the park that serve those who do not want to share the sex tent with others. A private room for ‘short time’ costs N700.

The scramble for leftovers
The activities of the sex workers assume a frenzied dimension from 10pm. During the peak period between 7pm and 8.30pm, it is not easy to get the ladies to follow a client home for all-night service. But it is a different ball game from 10pm as they become willing to follow a prospective customer home. This is when Okada riders and bus drivers, who sleep in the motor park for the next day’s onward journey, come to make their pick for the night.
Onitsha is a transport hub for many mass transit companies. So, most of the drivers, who book turns for the following day’s journey, sleep inside their vehicles in the parks. But some of them choose to sleep with female company.

A driver with one of the thriving transport companies in the South East, who craved anonymity, said: “I wish somebody could record scenes in most of these motor parks at night on video. The playback will shock people. Despite warnings by the management, most of our drivers bring in prostitutes late in the night and sleep with them inside their vehicles. Some of the vehicles people board in the day are moving brothels.
“What they do is that they have sex with these women inside the vehicle by adjusting the seats to look like beds. They clean up the seats and discharge the women by 5am and fix their vehicles for passengers to board from 6am. Some of the crashes you see on the road these days are as a result of the weakness of the driver from the hangover of illicit sex the previous night.”

The army barracks sex market
Located inside the Onitsha army barracks is another sprawling sex market, popularly known as Sokoto Road. Although nobody could say how the name emerged, the area is very popular among residents of the cantonment and easily known by all Okada operators within the barracks.

This is another world of its own. Parading women of all categories, Sokoto line is an archetypal Sodom and Gomorrah. A visit to the area confirms the saying that some parents at the snap of their fingers can trace their family lineage to three generations, yet cannot trace where their daughter slept last night.
Sokoto Line is a place where mother and daughter hawk their bodies for money at the same time. Consisting of ramshackle structures built with wooden or zinc batchers, the inhabitants are resident prostitutes ready to offer lustful pleasures to willing customers without batting an eyelid that the doors are open.

In this place, it is a free world. Pornography and sale of alcoholic beverages and weeds are some of the accompanying features.
Sex has coded meanings here. One of the prostitutes, a big dark-skinned lady sitting in front of her room with an opening to advertise her well made bed, asked this reporter: “Brother, you wan toilet?” meaning, do you want to have sex?
Another said: “Come and shine your congo, Nwoke oma (fine man).” Another wanted to drag the reporter inside her room just as a young lady was shouting in Igbo language: “onye ga alam otua ego o nyem (who will have sex with me and offer me money?)

You see men streaming in and out of the rooms while this reporter settled down to a bottle of drink at one of the joints. Even pregnant mothers and young girls between 18 and 20 years are not left out. Some of the older ladies readily accept N100 for a round of sex. The ladies openly flaunt their assets and try to entice any man passing by.
There is no electricity in the area but the well-to-do among them use generators and decorated their rooms with flashy lights to attract clients while those who cannot afford the luxury rely on candles and lanterns.
A conversation with the proprietor of one of the restaurants known as “Bravo” revealed that it is a case of if-you-can’t-beat-them join-them. Bravo said that he had lived in Sokoto Line for 16 years when he was ejected from his former residence inside the barracks because he couldn’t pay his rent.

“I came here and started this business and that was when I began to foot my bills.” Asked whether he was not worried that his children may be influenced by the negative lifestyle of the residents, he quickly retorted: “It is God that trains children. What of those who came from noble families but still join cult groups in school and end up being killed? My children are well trained, disciplined and focused. They cannot be influenced badly,” he said
On what might be responsible for the upsurge in prostitution in society today, a clinical psychologist, Dr. Kene Onyekwelu, attributed it to economic reasons, unemployment and the drive to belong by some women.
“Seventy per cent of women who engage in prostitution do it out of greed. Others enter as a result of lack of good family upbringing and inadequate parental monitoring while some others suffer from some kind of psychological disorder,” he said.

A public affairs analyst, Martins Onuegbu, blamed the high rate of prostitution in Onitsha on systemic failure just as he indicted the regulatory agencies, citizens and the government.
“Look at the society and you will see that we are actually the architects of our own problem. The police normally patrol the streets in the day and at night but instead of arresting those destroying the society, they look for their own pockets. Men are also to be blamed because the prostitutes would have closed shop a long time ago if men don’t patronize them. Most of us sleep with anything on skirt at the heat of passion without remembering the consequence.

“Also, most of the girls resort to selling their bodies because there are no jobs and the government is not even ready to employ in the nearest future. They will tell you that they cannot even pay minimum wage not to talk of employing more hands,” Onuegbu stated.
But the Anambra State Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Development, Dr Cordelia Ego Uzoezie, countered those who blame the government for not doing enough in empowering women.
Speaking in a telephone interview, the commissioner admonished those involved in commercial sex business to re-examine their lifestyle and avail themselves the opportunity of various empowerment programmes provided by the government.

“Government has been doing a lot in Anambra State to rehabilitate and empower women. Those who castigate the government are either not serious or are being economical with the truth.
“Every local government council in the state today has a skill acquisition centre and it is open for groups and individuals. How can a healthy woman take to prostitution on the excuse that there is no job? Recently, a blind lady came to my office with several bags she produced using local beads. We encouraged her and even enlisted her to be part of our programmes in the future.

“For the past two years, we have been encouraging people to access our skills and rehabilitation centre at Nteje in Oyi local government but some will choose to live a loose, carefree lifestyle and turn around to blame it on government,” she said.

Via the sun.
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Some of the strippers arrested by the task force

 By HENRY UMAHI ([email protected])

Sat, 06/16/2012 - 19:37

Once you hit the ground, you will feel the vibe of Owerri, the capital of Imo State. The city is warm, with many things to keep visitors engaged. Known for its robust hospitality industry, Owerri is the destination of fun seekers.  Visitors to Owerri will always have fond memories of the  city as well as the longing to return.  They will remember the nightlife. They will remember that most of the fine restaurants, hotels and fun spots are places to be in the night.
They know that Owerri has its fair share of nightclubs. While some of the clubs operate on their own, others are built inside hotels. Those who lodge in the hotels that operate nightclubs are admitted free, upon showing their room keys. Others  pay gate fee. Expectedly, going by the active nightlife in the city,  Owerri is brimming with prostitutes. Investigations revealed that commercial sex workers flock around popular hotels and fun spots, looking for men to hook.
Most of these sex workers are students in tertiary institutions in the state and neighbouring states. In the day, these students appear somewhat respectable on campus, but at night they wear a different cap. By their dressing you shall know them. They appear in low waist trousers, short gowns/micro mini skirts, midriff and Bosom s revealing tops and patrol premises of hotels with nightclubs.
One of the commercial sex workers told Saturday Sun, at the Rappour Hotel nightclub, that she comes around to earn money and take care of herself and siblings.  Ijeoma, as she called herself, said: “I come to the club about three times a week to catch some fun, but nothing goes for nothing.”
Mr. Livinus Manukwem, an Owerri based businessman, the situation could not have been otherwise, every factor considered. “The sheer number of tertiary institutions in and around Owerri naturally creates the environment for people to indulge. I think there are more higher institutions in Owerri than in any other town in the country. Those setting up such facilities in Owerri are smart business people, taking advantage of the environment or situation. It is just like locating an industry where the raw materials for production abound,” he argued.     
Open sex club One of the nightclubs offering “special services” is located unobtrusively off All Seasons Road, New Owerri. The club begins business from about 8pm. However, activities reach fever pitch from 10pm and continue till the wee hours.
This hangout is a white bungalow that hardly gives itself away. It looks like the regular club inside but without heavy décor and neon lights at the entrance. The regular dance hall is always almost empty, making one wonder how they manage to stay afloat. But if you wait long enough, you will notice young and middle aged men strolling into a passage on the left side of the dance hall. And that is where the real action is.
To go past barrel-chested bouncers manning an inner door, you must pay a gate fee of N1,000. There is an adjoining room also and both have something in common: Wild segxwal obscenity.
The rooms are not well illuminated but bright enough for you to see what is being offered. Once you step in, the sight that greets you is that of a number of naked girls or at various stages of nudity. The girls in bra and pants soon shed every piece of clothing, as the show gathers momentum.
The nightclub parades these girls in appreciable number. Unlike some strip bars where only a handful of girls entertain, this nightclub has them many. And they come in various sizes and shapes: slim, flat, tall, short, fair, dark. Again, unlike most Nood clubs, where go-go girls exhibit their stuff on a platform, in this fun spot the girls offer more or less personal service. They move from one patron to another, showing the stuff they are made off.
Saturday Sun was at the nightclub recently. As soon as the reporter and two of his friends sauntered in, naked girls began to hover around them. About 12 of them were inside the room. Some were smoking cigarettes and drinking can beer, which is sold for N500 each.
 Others were rocking to the pulsating music blasting from the speakers. They were making explicit sex remarks and gestures to the men, even as some playfully squeezed one another’s buttocks and Bosom s, like lesbians.
Shortly after the reporter walked in, Flavour’s monster hit, Ashawo, began to play. The tempo of the music seemed to energize the dancers and they did exotic dance steps and got wilder.
In corners, some of the girls were engaged in lap dance with men, who grabbed the opportunity with both hands, kissing, sucking Bosom s and caressing the lower region of the girls. The mischievous guys were inserting naira notes in between the thighs of the girls. As the guys titillated their tits, they squeezed the hard-on of their partners even as they asked to be “appreciated.” In this nightclub, to be “appreciated” is euphemism for “I need some money.”
The inner room is a shade darker and sleazier. There, the patrons and the girls get more intimate, engaging in all manner of segxwal acts. Some of the strip dancers were sitting astride men even as others were caressing themselves. One of the girls, who gave her name as Marbel, said that for N2,000 she would engage in oral sex with a man in the dark hall. It was gathered that a patron could also take any of the girls out for the night, for an agreed sum. The price depends on the time, desperation of the girl and bargaining power of the patron, but it could be anything between N5,000 and N10,000.
Private parties It was also learnt that the strip dancers equally entertain at private or house parties. According to one of the girls, who identified herself as Maureen, “If guys want to be entertained in a private apartment or hotel room, the girls would be willing. The price tag is N5,000 per girl for an outing of between four and five hours.”
Maureen, who claims to be a graduate from the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) and speaks good English, also said that during such private outings, sex can take place but it depends on the agreement between a patron and a girl.

She said: “You can have sex with a girl at the house party, but it is a personal thing. Of course, if you make a good offer a girl will not refuse it. It is a matter of cash.” She further said that if given at least two days notice, she can arrange for up to 30 girls for such special outing. She further said that payment must be made before the girls begin to drop their pants  Dark, slim Maureen, who described herself as a professional dancer, sees nothing wrong with strip dancing. “It is like every other profession.
I personally like to dance and if I strip while dancing, what is the big deal? On the issue of sex, everybody is doing it. Female bankers do have sex; medical doctors have sex; actresses have sex; teachers have sex; lawmakers and ministers have sex. In fact, every person is having sex with the people they like or under whatever arrangement. It’s just that people pretend a lot. Some civil servants have sex with more men in a week than strip dancers,” she said.
 An insider told Saturday Sun: “Some of the strip dancers are students and they pay their bills with the money they make. But all the dancers are not students. Some of the girls come from poor homes, so they use what they make at the bar to take care of themselves and families. Single mothers and young widows are also among them. Some of them come from such places as Port Harcourt, Aba and Asaba to Owerri where they are not known to perform after which they go home. Some of them only come at weekends.”
 It was also gathered that more girls are coming to the club almost on daily basis seeking to be registered as strippers. One of the requirements is that the girls must be 18 years and above.

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with all their chest beating,they still allow their mothers and girls to sell their body......
What a shame to the igbo stupid tribe.. Lips Sealed
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My Father is from IGBO LAND
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- olauwe at 26-07-2012 08:27 AM (11 years ago)
As rightly mentioned by Don Carlos...from the book JAH, when the harvest time is near: Woe be unto those that say they're of Israel.. (and they are not) and Woe be unto those that say they're Jews.. (and they are not)...They shall indeed be cast away Just like chaff that the wind driveth away. Woe onto those, that shed innocent blood of Jah people...shalom. 
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(1) Where a man Happily meet a lady and when she goes
back to her friends, their only question will be,
"Is the guy loaded?
(2) Where a blind beggar will reject a fake
naira note.
(3) Where parents claim they always came
first position in school.
(4) Where You Can Be A Driver For Years
(5) Where Presidents and other government
officials don't know the national anthem.
(6) Where the Police on a road block makes
more money a day than motorist and their
(7) Where Gala and Lacasera is the best
option when stuck in traffic jams (hold up).
(Cool Where we fight for everything. To gain
admission to university, to get a job and to
enter a bus!
(9) Where you are robbed of your phone and
the robbers come back for your Pin code and
the charger.
(10) Where politicians use big unnecessary
grammar to scam people.
(11) Where your type of GENERATOR shows
how RICH you are.
(12) Where generator is a social amenity.
(13) Where people do collect change from beggars.
(14) Where a 60-yr-old grandpa is a National
youth leader of a party (PDP).
(15) Where citizens are more afraid of Police
than Armed robbers.... Is dis a DEMOCRACY OR
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