Tricks Used By Abuja Boy's, To Hook Rich Single Ladies

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(f) at 9-10-2012 01:59PM (7 years ago)

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Quite a lot of guys have different views about Abuja single babes, especially the rich ones. Some of these rich babes are doing excellently well in their jobs and businesses, in fact some of them live large, own properties and cruise in fleet of cars. Call them big and sophisticated babes and you are not far from it. However most Abuja guys are aware of this and have taken full advantage by dating them. Unfortunately, a lot of these babes have fallen victims to some of these gold diggers and have paid dearly for it.

This trick is the main and the common one Abuja guys use in getting rich babes. They realize most ladies that are ripe for marriage are eager to get married at all cost, and that is what they now work on. Some of them that are not even desperate are pressurized by friends and family members, so once they see any guy that keeps talking about marriage, they fall for them and even do all what they can to make the man stay with them. Some of these guys will tell them what they want to hear, especially issues related to marriage and spending the rest of their lives with them, unknown to the babes, they are just being trapped....

Another trick they use in getting some of these big and rich babes is by moving in with them. A lot of these guys claim to be in love with them, and the only way they can express the love is by living with them.
Although this trick normally takes time, because its a gradual process, the first thing they do is trying to be nice to the lady, visiting her, at times pay some little bills, like DSTV, lights and other bills, after this step, they upgrade to coming to her house. And before they know what is happening, they have started living together, but don’t forget the lady will still be paying the house rent, feeding him and even paying the bills.

A lot of these gold diggers are always over póssessive, because they won’t want to share the lady with any other man, even when they know they can’t marry her, but just playing with her emotion. In fact, some of them even monitor the ladies movements, listening to their conversations on the phone or even beat them if they suspect any thing.
But some of the babes won’t want to leave the guy no matter the circumstance, they believe if the guy doesn’t love them, he wont be jealous of what she’s doing. So most of them believe that is part of the love the guy has for them, unfortunately, the situation often go out of hands.

Most of the babes that fall for this trick are the wealthy and older ones, they are always desperate and they don’t mind parting with anything they have once the guy looks serious and ready to settle down. Some of the guys who use this trick are also well to do, although they live on women and they spoil the ladies silly before they eventually strike.

Most guys collect money from babes in one way or the other, but these days, almost all the guys that engages in running after rich single babes for their money now ask them directly. They believe the babes are richer and because they can’t marry their money, they will want to do anything they can to get a man to marry them, not even mind if he the love is genuine or not. This trick is very common and most babes still fall victim of it. Some guys even collect money from these rich babes and spend it on some younger babes, which they will eventually get married to. A lot of them also trick them with joint account, life insurance and all kinds of things, just to fleece them of their money.

This is the new and the latest trick in Abuja right now. Ever since some of the guys realized a lot of girls are getting use to their old old tricks, they decided to start some new tactics. Since they know that most girls always love to meet one or two of their relatives, they now introduce them to some friends claiming to be their family members, some of them actually introduce them to their siblings, and ask them to be demanding money or material things from the babes. And since the lady also believes she will soon be married into the family, will want to satisfy them, and will even go out of her way to please them. But most guys always introduce them to fake family member, so that by the time they are through with them, they won’t be able to trace them. It’s so bad to the extent that some of these babes even accommodate the family members.

Almost all the guys that engage in tricks that has been earlier stated don’t have jobs, they are always jobless and they live on women, but majority of them claim to be contractors. Obviously any young babe that meets a single guy who is a contractor would think, the guy is rich and he wont have to wait for any salary before he can pay his bills, and since they know that most babes love to be deceived, they tell them sweet things they will love to hear. But after some time, they will come up with a story on how the federal government owes them some millions and once they get the money, they will get their own apartment, buy new cars and even spoil the lady silly. The babes will believe them, and she will start spending all her money to maintain the relationship, thinking the guy will reciprocate some day.

They claim they don’t like 3rd party in their relationship, so the lady must stop hanging out with her friends and families, if she really wants to settle down with him. This is another tactics that is used on most single and rich babes in Abuja right now.
The guys try to disassociate the babes from talking or sharing her experience with friends and families, they also try as much as possible to keep an eye on the babes, at times they don’t allow them to go out alone, or attend family functions so that they won’t brainwash them.

hakeemv12 (m) at 9-10-2012 04:02PM
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 You broke azz niggaz, get a job!!! Hehehe Cool
micc (m) at 9-10-2012 04:06PM
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noted but is all nonsense
micc (m) at 9-10-2012 04:08PM
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noted but is all nonsense
dlimelite (f) at 9-10-2012 04:08PM
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 Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin
dlimelite (f) at 9-10-2012 04:09PM
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Quote from: hakeemv12 on  9-10-2012 04:02PM
You broke azz niggaz, get a job!!! Hehehe Cool
Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin
sophiebaby (f) at 9-10-2012 04:27PM
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Quote from: hakeemv12 on  9-10-2012 04:02PM
You broke azz niggaz, get a job!!! Hehehe Cool

 Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin

Lugard2020 (m) at 9-10-2012 06:27PM
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Amagold (f) at 9-10-2012 08:32PM
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to whom it may concern
praytoGod4help (m) at 9-10-2012 08:35PM
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Amaight (m) at 9-10-2012 08:36PM
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I need one plss
toibeli (m) at 9-10-2012 08:44PM
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Sophie, how about tricks used by older ladies (Cougars) to get young boys?
Neglito (m) at 9-10-2012 08:53PM
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Product of a failed system, No proud man would want to be fed by a woman. 
Lonju (m) at 9-10-2012 09:22PM
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All these tatafo is happpening everywhere even in your village mr poster , leave Abj alone .

ela214 (f) at 9-10-2012 09:51PM
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the thing dey happen everywhere.i know 1 of their victim
proly (f) at 9-10-2012 10:10PM
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chylind5 (f) at 9-10-2012 10:13PM
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passin wit speed. I dont stay in Abuja, am not so wealthy and am not old... Vuuuuuummmm i don take off.
Senegal (m) at 10-10-2012 01:11AM
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yeye dey smell
dogodajiabuja (m) at 10-10-2012 01:27AM
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am more than rich, am wealthy and prosperous.
but i pick my friends and dump them whenever i smell shiit!!!!!!
just for the records, men all over the world do it.
Abuja is just getting started!
moonwink (m) at 10-10-2012 01:52AM
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SophieBaBy, why do you constantly refer to the ladies as BABES, that is being so
derogatory of your own gender, it is obvious that you yourself have not been sensitised
to the problems which arise in the ungoing relationships between men (that is real men),
and women (notice I did not say BABES). In the normal course of courtship it will always
be important that ladies behave and act like ladies, and men likewise behave and act like
gentlemen. This is the basis on which life partners are chosen after the ritual of courtship
has been consumated by marriage. Learn to stand up for your sisters as they endeavour
to make the most crucial decision they will make in their lives, the chosing of a loving
compatible mate and the other parent for their children. I wish you all the best in your
search for your life partner.
mOOnwink !!!

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