Security operatives killed over 5,000 people in the north – Senator Bukar Ibrahi

Published 7 years ago by: Akin David
at 9-11-2012 01:19PM (7 years ago)

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One of the individuals nominated by Boko Haram to help in its planned negotiation with the federal government, Senator Bukar Ibrahim, has claimed that the fundamentalist sect is not the leading killer of people in the north but security operatives.

He claimed that over 5,000 ordinary people have lost their lives in the hands of security agencies staging a counter insurgency in the north-eastern party of the country.

This is what i call the Northen solidarity, what good resolution will this kind of Senator be able to make for the nation. The country really needs divine intervention.


exchronicle at 9-11-2012 01:42PM (7 years ago)
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So is it when BH kills 5,000 that they will become a problem, i tire for this so call leaders self!
winace at 9-11-2012 02:36PM (7 years ago)
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Its obvious u are a boko haram sponsor.