Miracle - 100 people survives as Plane crashes inside a sea.

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OVER 100 passengers had a miracle escape as their jet missed a runway on landing and crashed into the sea.
People screamed in terror as the plane hit the waves and split into two after falling 50 metres from the airport runway.
But all were safely evacuated as the plane bobbed in the water off the holiday island of Bali.
Remarkable pictures showed passengers on the floating Lion Air jet awaiting rescue weaing inflatable life-jackets.
It is believed the pilot misjudged the runway length when landing on the Indonesian isle and skidded off the end.

Bali Police Chief Arif Wahyunadi said all passengers and crew had been successfully evacuated although several were hospitalised with minor injuries.
Police said the plane originated from Bandung, the capital of West Java province, and was landing in Bali when the horrific accident happened.
Lion Air is a popular budget airline in Indonesia which has recently signed multi-billion dollar deals to buy planes from Airbus and Boeing.

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Thank God!