Breaking,Boko haram shoes found in ATIKU`s house,under house arrest

Published On: April 17, 2013, 8:02 pm
Author: juan
-- (m) at 17-04-2013 08:02PM

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Atiku Prepares for 2015 by Giving the Shoeless One Enough Shoes

Well you have heard the story "I had no shoes". Apparently Atiku has heard it too and has decided to do something about it. He is set to launch his 2015 campaign by providing shoes for shoeless people so they don't fall for the 'I had no shoes' story again. But how far can he go?

-- horlardayor (m) at 17-04-2013 08:40PM
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poster you are sick oh, whatever you  where sniffing before you post this fake news stop it cos its not good for your health. what has this got to do with BH
-- Femiolas (m) at 17-04-2013 09:03PM
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This is arrant nonsense. Access to social media and internet should not be a license for peddling blatant lies. It is this kind of headlines that giving social media a bad name in this clime. Hope you know that concerned individual can sue you for such a malicious lie. I will not be surprised if the security agencies get you arrested.
-- Mbako (m) at 17-04-2013 09:12PM
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Why this nonsense headline ? access to social media should not mean madness.
-- rozay123 (m) at 17-04-2013 09:27PM
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what are you trying to do?
Boko haram will soon be looking for you Roll Eyes
-- ajanni (m) at 17-04-2013 09:36PM
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you,re a complette idiot
-- QuincyAdams (m) at 17-04-2013 10:12PM
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Don't blame u blogger,u need formal education pls go to skul
-- Isaoiska (m) at 17-04-2013 10:56PM
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It is outrightly shameful & disgusting that you/socket123  fabricated such a headline just to get attension of viewers.
-- janexes (f) at 17-04-2013 11:49PM
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-- ajanni (m) at 17-04-2013 11:50PM
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-- Idbabe (f) at 18-04-2013 08:46AM
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Oh! what a headline.  This is either gistmania admin's handwork or the poster.  I dey pass joor
-- ajanni (m) at 18-04-2013 09:50AM
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foolish poster
-- Imsamit (m) at 18-04-2013 10:01AM
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-- ajanni (m) at 18-04-2013 01:47PM
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real rubbish
-- Ritabrenice (f) at 12-08-2015 03:53PM
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Fake story