Two Men Take Turns in molesting a Pastor’s Daughter In The Presence Of Her Father

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A high Court in Ughelli, Delta State has sentenced two “notorious rapists” to life in prison for molesting a pastor’s 17 year old daughter.

In the prosecution’s submissions, the court heard that 30 year old Ernest Steve and 29 year old Jerry Godwin robbed the pastor’s house on November 5, 2007 and then took turns in molesting the girl as her father watched. She sustained serious injuries in her private part.

The rapists had a gun and a knife which they used to subdue the family, causing them immense psychological trauma.


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Wot a story, so pathetic!
-- sesco1010 (m) at 17-06-2013 08:22PM
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y did ds judgement tk so long, ds guys need 2 dead in dt prison
-- spider10 (m) at 17-06-2013 08:53PM
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