Is This Really From Prophet TB Joshua?

Published 6 years ago by: olokunbola tope
at 9-08-2013 01:57PM (6 years ago)

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I may be wrong, I may be right. But we at Olokunbolablessing.blogspot.Com are beginning to suspect that we are following a fake, or better still someone impersonating Prophet TB Joshua on social media. See one of his latest prayers below and tell us if you think this is from TB Joshua:
Our enemies will be attacked with a mace as Chidi Llyod did to his colleague. Is this really from TB Joshua?

koromo at 9-08-2013 02:26PM (6 years ago)
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Ok, next?
patedet at 9-08-2013 02:56PM (6 years ago)
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Pls poster be careful the way u use the name of our great prophet of God. If u dnt have anything to say or do fine urself a better job ok!
pfavor at 9-08-2013 03:16PM (6 years ago)
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Lol,  T.B Joshua is not known for cursing, is sure a fake one. I read his article warning people to beware of many impersonations of his name and those people are using it to extract money from their victims. So be careful as many fake T.B Joshua's  are on the loose now to
civictayo4great at 9-08-2013 04:36PM (6 years ago)
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I don't think so