PHOTO: 19-year-old lesbian jailed again for having sex with 14-year-old girl

Published 6 years ago by: Olusola Agbaje
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at 21-08-2013 08:00AM (6 years ago)

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A 19-year-old Florida woman was jailed for violating a court order prohibiting her from contacting her 14-year-old girlfriend.

The gay community rallied behind Kaitlyn Hunt when she was arrested and expelled from school for having sex with a minor earlier this year. Hunt was arrested in February and charged with lewd and lascivious conduct with a minor. At the time of her arrest she was 18 and the unidentified minor was 14. The younger girl’s mother reported Hunt to police after she learned of their relationship.

The Florida media flooded the news with angelic pictures of the blond haired, blue eyed teen, hoping to win sympathy for her — and boost news ratings.

The saturation news coverage worked. 300,000 people signed an online petition asking the prosecutor’s office to go easy on the young lesbian. Overnight, Hunt became a young symbol of gay oppression and gay love. Facebook pages sprang up in defense of her unrequited love for a child.

The prosecutor’s office agreed to a lesser charge, which would not include jail time — if Hunt avoided contacting her 14-year-old classmate.

But the prosecutor’s office learned that Hunt, now 19, had sex with the now 15-year-old girl again while Hunt was out of jail on bond just two weeks ago. The bondsman who secured her original bond brought the teen to the River Indian County jail at 9 pm on Monday, where she was booked.

The gay community continues to defend Hunt, despite the chilling text messages she sent to the girl ordering the child to “keep the f*ck quiet,” and not tell her mother that she was in contact with her.

In another text message, she wrote, “F*ck you… you’re stupid. You want me to go in jail…You’re such a messed up person… you snitched on me. God only knows what you’ll do when pressed in court. Bye.”

“If my mom finds out we’re talking, I’m blaming it on you,” she told the child.

Hunt’s mother, Kelley Hunt Smith, allegedly helped her daughter conceal the relationship from police.

“Delete EVERYTHING,” Smith wrote in a text message to the 15-year-old girl. “PLEASE delete everything and make sure NO ONE finds out you’ve spoken to Kate at all.”

The younger girl’s parents hope to see Hunt prosecuted as a sex offender. She faces 15 years in prison and additional charges for violating the terms of her bond

merion at 21-08-2013 08:18AM (6 years ago)
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shameful  Roll Eyes
wolexbookie at 21-08-2013 08:32AM (6 years ago)
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when able men full naija. go serve ur term joor
dareper at 21-08-2013 09:10AM (6 years ago)
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End time, woman don dey rape woman now
Austinjack at 21-08-2013 09:20AM (6 years ago)
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Useless girl,,,Since una no wan lean lesson na una go dey go prison 1 by 1
beverlybba at 21-08-2013 09:23AM (6 years ago)
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he should rot in jail!!!
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Swtezvikky at 21-08-2013 09:43AM (6 years ago)
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Child abuse
ezchusa at 21-08-2013 09:53AM (6 years ago)
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Ok nah

UNKNOWN123 at 21-08-2013 09:54AM (6 years ago)
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 Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin
ezypato at 21-08-2013 10:43AM (6 years ago)
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no rape gals wey d 4 prison wit
etibaba at 21-08-2013 10:44AM (6 years ago)
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Tony4mogule at 21-08-2013 11:15AM (6 years ago)
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Hmmmmm, jst passing by
micc at 21-08-2013 11:33AM (6 years ago)
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Good for her
stikerxxx at 21-08-2013 11:37AM (6 years ago)
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Noble12 at 21-08-2013 11:51AM (6 years ago)
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make dem kill am
IDOKOO at 21-08-2013 12:04PM (6 years ago)
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sordom and gomorah. babylon the great,awaiting God's judment. homo-sexual,gay,lesbians,etc. are all heading to doom (HELL-FIRE)
sucre4u at 21-08-2013 02:02PM (6 years ago)
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Death 2 all traitors [gay, lesbian, homos, dirty politicians bokos etc]
Sidi24 at 21-08-2013 02:42PM (6 years ago)
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Na dem sabi
vicklove at 21-08-2013 03:32PM (6 years ago)
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Na wa ooh
chicco77 at 21-08-2013 03:49PM (6 years ago)
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