Lagos Ranked World’s 4th Worst City On Earth

6 years ago by: Olusola Agbaje
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Lagos is the fourth worst city in the world, Economist Intelligence Unit, EIU, an independent forecasting and advisory business within the Economist Group has said. And its top worst cities, are scattered around Africa and Asia.

Lagos, the fourth on the list, shares its 137 position with Port Moresby, in Papua New Guinea on 38.9 per cent.The report made available yesterday described it as the second-fastest growing city in Africa and the fourth worst city on earth.

“Rapid growth is not always a good thing because Lagos is now a magnet for two perpetual threats to peace: pirates and Islamist warriors. Boko Haram have a problem with cities like Lagos and also lots of weaponry. Pirates threaten trade and use kidnapping as a method of funding. Islamist terrorist groups such as Boko Haram (“Education is forbidden”) want to create their own version of heaven on earth by destroying cities such as Lagos and imposing strict sharia law. Lagos has enormous potential but as yet little to show for it – hence its poor ranking,” the report said. EIU in its 2013 annual survey of the world’s 140 major metropolises, said Lagos has a long way to go politically, socially and economically before it joins the emerging market club.

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Omoh you go fear fear...
-- greathome983 (m) at 30-08-2013 06:01PM
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this one na talk,,abeg make i go open my shop dat my sales boy dey thief my money
-- Kechywillz (m) at 30-08-2013 06:17PM
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so u mean say boko haram dey plan for lasgidi,make una run run.

-- oluwaseyilayemi (m) at 30-08-2013 06:31PM
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wow what a survey
-- piittoo1 (m) at 30-08-2013 06:31PM
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hahah Niger for real this is really Lagos
-- emekaeneh (m) at 30-08-2013 06:36PM
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Abeg make I go eat my bb (bread n beans).   Eneh say so via nokia 3310
-- beverlybba (m) at 30-08-2013 07:09PM
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 Undecided Undecided Undecided Undecided  
-- vantheo (m) at 30-08-2013 07:26PM
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that intelligence unit didn't go to aba

-- firstborn77 (m) at 30-08-2013 07:33PM
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misguided information.population. yes but common there are benefits too.
-- Solidstonez (f) at 30-08-2013 07:35PM
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-- Solidstonez (f) at 30-08-2013 07:35PM
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I got nothing to say

-- HOPEA23 (f) at 30-08-2013 07:38PM
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes

-- sucre4u (m) at 30-08-2013 07:45PM
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Eko oni baje o
-- gmarley (m) at 30-08-2013 07:51PM
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 Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin
-- SugarBB (f) at 30-08-2013 07:55PM
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 Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked

-- BlueIxora (f) at 30-08-2013 08:01PM
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How many of those people that did the survey live in Lagos? Or are they just surveying from afar? Abegii waka! Cool
-- angesco (f) at 30-08-2013 09:04PM
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Oh dear!

This news could send the governor into breaking down. How sad. So 'deporting' people back to their states of origin did nothing to improve Lagos.

Please accept my permission to laugh out loud.

So whats next Mr Governor -are you going to deport northners? After all the survey mentions Islamists as wanting to destroy Lagos.

Even the planting of flowers did not help!

Ouch again!
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