The “DAVIDO” Effect/Saga...Fan Writes

at 5-09-2013 09:44PM (6 years ago)

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I write to you today, not in defense of Davido, the individual but the ideology of Davido (David Adeleke) in the music industry.

Looking at recent tweets and blogs, it seems like this musician can do no right, no matter how he tries.  Last week I saw a tweet of a colleague of his that read (and I’m paraphrasing), “Wish I had a rich dad to do anything for me.” Another one read, “it is good to have a
rich dad.” It seems that people have started to attribute this individual’s success to the socio-economic status of his father and here I say it is WRONG! Continue after the cut.

Before I state my problem with this ideology, I want to declare that I do not know Davido, never met the dude, not on his payroll and I do not know any of his friends.  In fact, his genre and style of music does nothing for me except that when I see a person working hard for a future, you have to respect the dude.  What we both might have in common is our socio-economic background. Shikena!

Why is it that Nigerians always find excuses for us to sleep at night.  When people see a successful man or woman, the first thing to look for is who their CONTINUE READING AT


domzy28 at 5-09-2013 09:59PM (6 years ago)
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you rep Davido...bottomline
ligh at 6-09-2013 06:12AM (6 years ago)
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You are right my brother,once you dont have money its a problem,now you have money its another problem,waiting self
Toks-E at 8-09-2013 03:02AM (6 years ago)
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Wetin poor people like me go talk na?