People were thinking I was dating Onyeka Onwenu but we were not – King Sunny Ade

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In a recent interview with Punch NG, legendary Nigerian artiste King Sunny Ade talked about his music, growing up as a child, the industry and much more.

Excerpts from the interview below.
A lot of people might find it very difficult to believe that you are 67 with your looks; what is the magic?

There is no magic; I just find myself like this. It’s true people tell me that I don’t look my age and whenever they say so, I get back home and look at myself in the mirror. But within myself, I know I am old. Truth is, I don’t have any magic than to give God the glory for a good health.

Before some artistes go on stage, they either drink some stuff or smoke to be able to perform very well. What do you depend on that makes you do what you do on stage?
Let me just put it this way that I am just lucky. I don’t drink and I don’t smoke. I don’t do drugs and I don’t like people who do drugs. Even within my band, ordinary cigarette smoking irritates me; I don’t like it. I believe that music on its own is enough to make me high because I love doing it with passion. I don’t need any drug to make me high on stage. I am addicted to music without necessarily taking anything to make me high.

Why are you so close to almost all Yoruba obas? Is it because of being from a royal family?

I believe God gave me that and till now, I still don’t know why they all love me. I am the son of all the obas and I respect them because obas are born. As a Yoruba boy and being a royal blood, one must know how to behave in their presence. Whenever I go to the Oba of Benin, he is always the one that beckons to me to come closer to him. He would say but I knew him as a permanent secretary, so why keeping a distance and I would say that was when he was just a prince.

When you and Onyeka Onwenu did a song, Wait for me, there was a rumour that you two had an affair…
That was the gimmick we used for that particular record to be widely accepted. Because the collaboration was very unusual, people were thinking we were dating but we were not. People were thinking we were getting married until the record came out. Onyeka is a very good friend and an energetic musician. The song was sponsored by Hopkins University in Maryland, USA and we even went there to collect the award together. More....

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