Nollywood Actress Mina Tells The Story of How Her Cousin Snatched Her Boyfriend

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Fast-rising actress and ex-beauty queen, Mina Horsefall is still yet to get over the fact that the watched as her own Cousin snatched her boyfriend from her and eventually got married to him. She said her boyfriend told her that he can't date her Cousin, but he was sleeping with her and even impregnated her.

Below is what the actress told Encomium about the worst betrayal of her life...

"My first cousin and my ex betrayed me. The whole story is complicated. She dated my boyfriend and married him. I had no idea what was going on until they were about to get married because she was pregnant for him. I did not introduce him to her. She knew him. He was my Uncle's best man and we were in the bridal train. He met us together and went after me.
"We had a relationship for some years, two years at a stretch, then it became off and on and all those times she knew. She was even engaged to someone else at the time. Unknown to me she 'worked' her NYSC down to Lagos to have my boyfriend. She was living with him and it didn't make any sense to me. Until later on, I found out they were getting married.
"What pained me most and the worst part of it was when I got to hear about it and confronted him, he said he can never do anything with my sister.and there you are getting her pregnant and marrying her. It got all messed up. This happened in September 2012. I haven't forgiven them. I don't think I ever will"

Please, Mina just forgive and move REAL man will come!


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Story DAT life she need 2 accept d fact n move on wit ur life.