TOP SECRET: SEE The Number One Thing Every Woman Wants In Bed

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Agreed, we all want different things in our s*xual lives, but research has revealed one common thing women truly want.
And that is Emotional Intimacy.
During a survey of over 1,000 women, each woman was asked about their best s*x. 96 percent of the women revealed that the best s*x they have ever had was with someone with whom they are emotionally connected.
Other reasons women (and even sometimes men) gave for enjoying s*x include “being with someone I love,” followed by “feeling good about my s*xual abilities” and “when my partner compliments me.”
So what are the top three things women crave? The survey reveals that the top three requirements for great s*x are physical attraction, emotional intimacy and feeling secure and loved.
This also laid credence to the survey conducted by Durex which revealed that 87 percent of women said the hottest s*x they’d ever had was with someone they knew and trusted, and 95 percent of men said s*x is more fulfilling with an emotional connection.
So it seems the best way to get into a woman’s panties is through her heart.
Source: Huffington post

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