Jonathan's Special Assistant, Reno Omokri, Caught Circulating Fraud Document

Published 6 years ago by: Maheeda
at 26-02-2014 10:04PM (6 years ago)

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The reason I decided to report this story is because Reno Omokri is claiming to a pastor, one who is suppose to live above board. But he was the same person who championed the falsehood that former Minister of the FCT, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, got a N5billion contract from Sanusi Lamido at the CBN.

But it was later revealed that all the 10 different consultants the CBN engaged for the particular job did not get up to N5billion put together, not to talk of only El-Rufai's company getting that much. I just wonder why men no longer respect the title they carry these days as Pastor or any other spiritual title.

Now, the same Reno Omokri, Special Assistant to President Goodluck Jonathan on New Media, used a fake identity to circulate a report on the social media linking Sanusi Lamido to the killings by Boko Haram.

He didn't know that anyone would dig out the true identity of the author as he used a fake name...

But through the technical expertise of people like Feyi Fawehinmi and Abang Mercy, it was discovered that the false report, written by one Wendell Simlin was indeed written by the same Reno Omokri, with a computer registered to his name.

Once Mr. Reno Omokri who said he is a Pastor discovered that he has been caught red handed, he quickly go all the way to delete the said Wendell Simlin account on the Social Media. But the did has been done!

Now here is my worry: Why is it that President Jonathan finds it difficult to employ credible men to work for him? His SGF is known for Sleeping on duty. Many of his ministers are people with questionable characters in the eyes of the public and Nigerians have been calling for their sack. One of the new ministers he sent to the Senate for screening is a man standing trial for corruption and another is an accused in the murder of Nigeria's former Attorney-General.

Is it that there are no more credible people in Nigeria or Jonathan just love men/women with dirty garbage?

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italianjob at 26-02-2014 10:52PM (6 years ago)
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hahahahahahaaaaaaa first to comment
italianjob at 26-02-2014 11:04PM (5 years ago)
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there is no politician saint in nigeria, either he or she has killed, or get juju man 24hrs in house or a shrine inside his private room or don embezzle our money, they are all worster than armed robbers and kidnappers. nigeria need a clean up from hair to toe.
osamabinladin at 26-02-2014 11:24PM (5 years ago)
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 Roll Eyes
Wysetots at 26-02-2014 11:31PM (5 years ago)
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Topsylucas at 26-02-2014 11:37PM (5 years ago)
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Dis naijapals ppl sef sabi flog issues if d story carry pastor. Sey una bi anti-pastr? Brainless monkeys
okilo101 at 26-02-2014 11:48PM (5 years ago)
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dareper at 26-02-2014 11:50PM (5 years ago)
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Na wa oo
ozzeey at 27-02-2014 12:40AM (5 years ago)
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God knows better & He is watching.... hmmmm
gbojac at 27-02-2014 01:03AM (5 years ago)
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osarobo62 at 27-02-2014 01:26AM (5 years ago)
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any wonder that the country is not developing...instead we are leaping backwards shamelessly in huge strides.
too many looters and sycophants beating the drums of false praise to the President's ears.
raylink at 27-02-2014 01:39AM (5 years ago)
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poster u ur rush topic n conclusion shows u ar an opposition of d present goverment...get ur facts before making a topic out of it....sahara/blogged report...copied........see ur err:::::::::::::
Now, the same Reno Omokri, Special Assistant to President Goodluck Jonathan on( New Media), used a fake identity to circulate a report on the social media linking Sanusi Lamido to the killings by Boko Haram
Shegzan at 27-02-2014 02:59AM (5 years ago)
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Ehn ehn??

johnaguinam at 27-02-2014 06:47AM (5 years ago)
(865 | Upcoming) (m) mumu naa
jcrown1985 at 27-02-2014 07:47AM (5 years ago)
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hummmmmm,pastor indeed.lets leave judgement to God,he knows how to deal with those pple wit dirty hand & heart
PeacetoU at 27-02-2014 10:05AM (5 years ago)
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Who is credible? Even you the poster are you credible?
Abusiddiq at 27-02-2014 12:14PM (5 years ago)
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hmmm i dnt wanna say anytin oo
winace at 27-02-2014 02:24PM (5 years ago)
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No wonder d president is quarreling wit everybody. He is surrounding himself wit d wrong pple to advice him including his wife.
christianity at 27-02-2014 03:47PM (5 years ago)
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ochichi  gbakwa uka
Fertymor at 5-03-2014 12:15PM (5 years ago)
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NA WA Ooo...