Woman Gives Birth To A Healthy Baby Girl After Egg Yolk Was Pumped Into Her

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A 23-year-old woman, Lorraine Donakey, gave birth to a healthy daughter, Lulu-Rose after egg yolk was pumped into her system.
Lorraine has a womb biopsy and was told the reason she kept miscarrying was because of ‘killer cells’ that kept attacking the embryo.
Lorraine, a  forensic psychology graduate from Liverpool had suffered six miscarriages in six years and was losing hope of ever having a baby until she heard about a new treatment available privately. She found out about Rafet Gazvani, a fertility specialist at Liverpool Women’s Hospital, who was offering the pioneering treatment.
The treatment involved the use of intralipid liquid, a mix of egg yolks and saline solution, which suppresses the killer cells and allows the baby to grow.

Lorraine Donakey and Lulu-Rose
Lorraine said, "Finally having her in my arms is indescribable. When she was born I cried my eyes out. Now I’ve got Lulu-Rose I feel so lucky. She’s already spoiled rotten."
According to her, she didn’t exercise and she took vitamins every day.
Lulu-Rose was born at a healthy weight on January 17 this year and Lorraine is already looking forward to having more babies.

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