Obaro Ibru Attacks Louise Priddy At Quilox Night Club...Bites Off Her Upper Lip

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On Saturday April 12,2014 there was a public altercation at Quilox nightclub between the beautiful Louise Priddy and Obaro Ibru of the famous Ibru clan..
 The altercation was so bad that those who witnessed it may have to undergo therapy from the shock of seeing an adult male attack and bite a female.......epic scene from a Dracula movie!

According to eye witness report.

''Obaro approached Louise's table,he was drunk and started harassing one of her friends and Louise whispered to the friend to ignore Obaro because of his drunken state.
He left their table without showing any signs of being angry but later laid ambush for Louise as she was having a discussion with another Celeb musician.

He waited for her to be done with talking,walked up to her and grabbed her face to either try to kiss her or head butt her but ended up almost biting off her upper lip!''

 Louise who was screaming and trying to free herself from his hold over her,fractured her right hand and is presently going around with a bandaged and fractured hand .
She was spotted yesterday and her almost-bitten-off upper lip is no longer swollen but still bears a large scar from the shocking attack.
I hear friends are urging Ms Priddy to sue Obaro and i am not sure if she has already.
  Louise Priddy's name is synonymous with Bacchus Night club and until this incident was friends with Mr Ibru.
*Na waaaaa!

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