Ice Prince's dilemma; man wants him to perform at his wedding, but bride is his

(m) at 20-04-2014 09:52PM (5 years ago)

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Lol. The rapper wants to know how much you would charge if you're called to perform at your ex-girlfriend's wedding. Most people told him to do it for free as a gift to the ex...what do you think?

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deboalabi262 (m) at 21-04-2014 01:42AM
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Nothing is free my brother.... Huh?

Dansato (f) at 21-04-2014 11:56AM
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Do it free, I know you have dignity and they will cherish that for life
Ismagrin95 (m) at 21-04-2014 10:12PM
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Ahah! How will him collect money na? He should jst do it free to show that he has pass that level
trip4kenny (m) at 22-04-2014 06:18AM
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Do it 4 free