Psquare Little Sister, Mary Okoye Also Gets Engaged To A Famous Actor!

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(m) at 28-04-2014 07:26AM (5 years ago)

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It’s indeed the season of love and proposals for the Okoye’s. Peter and Paul are already married, Jude just got engaged and now, their younger sister, Mary Okoye is now engaged to Nollywood actor Emma Emordi. We learnt he popped the question over the weekend.

Bankable (m) at 28-04-2014 07:33AM
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Ugly hand.. You sure say na her hand be? Cheap ring.. Mtchew.
factfinding (m) at 28-04-2014 07:52AM
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Ugly hand.. You sure say na her hand be? Cheap ring.. Mtchew.
inside your the Conner of your room where you hide your self you concluded is a cheap Ring in your mind right?
daveobahon (m) at 28-04-2014 08:11AM
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dnt mind him jst luk pic conclude say na cheap ring+wetin concern u sef?
betaniluv (f) at 28-04-2014 08:23AM
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Psquare little sister...In a famous actor?
vantheo (m) at 28-04-2014 08:44AM
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Ok so this has turned to marriage contest Abi? Nobody wan carry last for dat family

paulohking (m) at 28-04-2014 08:47AM
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ol'boy, this palms in d pix is to ugly compare to d lady's face o Shocked Shocked
ngfineface (f) at 28-04-2014 08:57AM
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Congrats girl. Weda the hand ugly or fine, weda the ring cheap or expensive......buttom line is that you aare off the market. God bless your union
beneno (m) at 28-04-2014 08:57AM
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 Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes
dembal (f) at 28-04-2014 09:19AM
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congrats dear

kenosas (m) at 28-04-2014 09:45AM
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nice,but people to learn to stop using harsh creams,its causing irritation  ,the hand didn't march with the face.
proly (f) at 28-04-2014 10:31AM
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congrat.....but dnt like d hand
Dames (m) at 28-04-2014 10:35AM
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Quote from: betaniluv on 28-04-2014 08:23AM
Psquare little sister...In a famous actor?
abi oooo.
pauldinnie (f) at 28-04-2014 10:35AM
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Poster it engaged to a famous actor not in a famous actor abi she enter inside d actor Huh? Congrats
ken10000 (m) at 28-04-2014 10:47AM
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Quote from: Bankable on 28-04-2014 07:33AM
Ugly hand.. You sure say na her hand be? Cheap ring.. Mtchew.
Your ignorance speaks volume of you.keep advertising it.
Zunurayn (m) at 28-04-2014 11:01AM
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Naija celeb Marriage don turn to competition, celeb marry celeb, i c y funke, genevieve nd yvolnne nelson ar unmarried
osamabinladin (m) at 28-04-2014 11:28AM
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Congrats !
gmarley (m) at 28-04-2014 11:30AM
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chicco77 (f) at 28-04-2014 12:02PM
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nice one congrats
cocoeni (f) at 28-04-2014 12:43PM
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 Cheesy Cheesy ppl get bad mouth sha....congrats dear!
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