Nigerian Doctor Who Treated Liberian Infected With Ebola Is Now Infected Too

5 years ago by: Daniel Bosai
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(m) at 4-08-2014 02:26PM (5 years ago)

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This is just sad, and I hope they find a cure for this soon. The Nigerian Doctor who treated late Patrick Sawyer, the Liberian man who died in Lagos of Ebola has also been confirmed to have been infected with the virus. It’s just sad.

beneno (m) at 4-08-2014 02:28PM
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nawa  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes
beneno (m) at 4-08-2014 02:30PM
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this Ebola and Boko i no know the one wey we go come fear pass  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes
winace (f) at 4-08-2014 02:37PM
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Hmmmmmm na wa o
josseybern (m) at 4-08-2014 02:45PM
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GOD WILL SAVE US O Roll Eyes Shocked
dynasty4all (m) at 4-08-2014 02:48PM
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bad news
bankadetoun (f) at 4-08-2014 03:01PM
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Really bad news
okuboye (m) at 4-08-2014 03:10PM
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The liberian man na terrorist
beejaybabs (m) at 4-08-2014 03:13PM
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2 cases reported! How true is dis?

Kennycynth (f) at 4-08-2014 04:02PM
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omg! wat is happening  Angry Angry Angry
chidi4reala (m) at 4-08-2014 04:04PM
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RIP in advance.... may God accept your soul
whizspecoy (m) at 4-08-2014 04:11PM
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Oh no!
Finally, it entered our dear country where lot are ignorants and careless!
I hope they find cure to this deadly Ebola before it start to spread in Nigeria
Dames (m) at 4-08-2014 04:29PM
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Eh eh...!!!
fayosi009 (m) at 4-08-2014 04:35PM
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Is it only this country? GOD don"t just leave us, reveal yourself in my country
chicco77 (f) at 4-08-2014 04:40PM
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 Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh?
DrSoba (m) at 4-08-2014 04:43PM
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angesco (f) at 4-08-2014 05:26PM
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I just knew this WOULD happen. A real pity.

All those - the 2 American doctors who left their homeland to help in Liberia and Sierre Leone and NOW one of our OWN doctors who helped the USA citizen - are ALL infected.

All those cursing Ghana for the banning of aircraft ( Dubai has joined in banning flights from Liberia and SierreLeone now) - see the effects of our KINDNESS?

I hope the unamed doctor is given the neccessary treatment - however much these drugs are still in their TESTING stage .

Thank God the World Bank and others are talking about DONATING 50 MILLION DOLLARS to the West African countries affected.

Just learning that there are ANOTHER 2 with the symptoms!

May God deliver us.
Dorokenny (m) at 4-08-2014 06:25PM
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afraid dey catch me
gentlefelix (m) at 4-08-2014 06:31PM
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Give him bitter kola to chop nah. I get them for my papa compound in the village o.
osamabinladin (m) at 4-08-2014 06:33PM
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