LOL! Lesbian Woman Sues Sperm Bank for Mistakenly Giving Her a Black Donor

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at 07:11 AM, 3/10/2014 (5 years ago)

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An Ohio woman who went to a sperm bank so she and her lesbian partner could have a baby is now suing the sperm bank because they mixed up the donor vials and gave them the sperm of a black man.
Jennifer Cramblett of Uniontown, Ohio says that she and her domestic partner chose a specific white donor at Midwest Sperm Bank so that their baby could look like them. Instead, she was mistakenly delivered the wrong vile of sperm — one that happened to belong to an African-American man. She and her partner were “shocked” to learn of the error once she was already pregnant.

While Jennifer Cramblett unconditionally loves her biracial daughter, she still wants to take legal action because the sperm bank seriously messed up. According to CNN, Cramblett explained that she wants to raise her daughter in an environment where she fits in, and her current town is 98 percent white. She said she wants her daughter to feel accepted and is struggling to learn how to do certain things that she, as a mother, should be able to do for her daughter.

Cramblett’s lawyer, Timothy Misny, said they’re seeking compensation and counseling, and the family wants to relocate to a place “that is more demographically in tune with their family.”


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