17 year old takes dad to court after he tricked her into marrying man in his 90s

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at 13-11-2014 06:20AM (5 years ago)

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A Saudi girl called the police on her father after he tricked her into marrying a man in his 90s..
According to Gulfnews.com, the 17-year-old had initially accepted her father's wish for her to marry a handsome man in his 20s after meeting the groom-to-be at her house.
But to her surprise ,when the wedding contract was drawn up, she discovered that the paperwork showed her new husband was a different man in his 90s who lived in another city.

She then fled home and called police to prevent her being sent to her new groom in Medina.
The case was eventually taken to the court which on Tuesday issued its verdict to declare the marriage “null and void”.
Social media users blasted the father for his behaviour accusing him of “selling his daughter to the old man.”They said that legal action should be taken against him for his abuse of his daughter’s trust and for chartering a horrible future for her.