BBA Winner, Dillish Mathew Shows Off Gift & Flowers From Her Boyfriend Stephen

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Their breakup story almost broke the African internet last February but Big Brother Africa 2013 winner Dillish Mathews and her businessman boyfriend Stephen Gaeseb are happily back in each other's arms now.
Dillish just shared this gift and flowers from Steve and already congratulatory messages from fans are pouring in. Stephen on the other hand last Friday granted an interview where he said hopefully, he and Dillish will be married one day.
When asked if they were together again, Stephen told Us
““Ya, we have been together and we never parted. I know you confused, but I am telling you we have never parted. It’s deeper then what meets the eye. I am a different type of person... deeper than the usual mind. The way I do things is different. We all have our lives and you don’t expose the way you live.”
 Asked if the image of a ring on he recently posted on his Instagram page meant that he had given Dillish a ring, Gaeseb said:
“It basically means she will be my wife. There is no ring or something. We both knew that we will get married one day. It might be tomorrow, in five months, in eight months or year, you never know,” he said.

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coool  Cheesy
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I have a flower too from my friends
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dis guy get sense die