Popular Yoruba Star, Ronke Odusanya "Flakky" Opens Up On Husband Snatching Saga

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All these actresses and husband snatching, If its not Stella Damasus today, it will be flakky tomorrow, na so men scarce reach?

Actress, Ronke Odusanya aka Flakky Ididowo has debunked allegations of snatching another woman’s husband.

The Ogun State-born actress, who was once romantically linked with Fuji musician, Pasuma, has come out to say there is no truth whatsoever in the reports that she is now married to a US-based man, Femi Anibaba.

It would be recalled that a couple of months back, a woman known as Folape Sokoya cried out that Flakky, as the actress is also known, is romancing her husband of 12 years and had destroyed her home by leading her husband into abandoning their home and 3 children.

However, in a recent interview with City People Magazine, the busty actress debunked rumours that she snatched another woman’s husband.

‘I am not married, neither am I engaged to anyone, as you can see, I am still very much single. I hope to get someone I will get married to. I am a friend to some guy whose wife has left 2 years ago but unfortunately she went on the papers to say that I have snatched her husband. I really don’t know why and I don’t want to talk about it,’ she said.

Speaking further on the likely source of the rumours by saying: ‘I wore a ring to an event and unfortunately a lady asked me: ‘are you engaged’ and I responded ‘yes,’ she asked further: ‘who?’ and I replied her to whoever and she went right to the papers to say that I am engaged and set to marry soon. I don’t know where she got that from. I do wear the ring in order to scare men away from me. I just wanted to be free but they won’t let you be but I thought that once they see the ring, they will keep their eyes off me.’

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gud 2 exonerate ur self,
-- echeeche (m) at 23-12-2014 12:46PM
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Let them go and sit down
-- EmekaBlue (m) at 23-12-2014 12:50PM
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Actors....Actress....in fact celebrities....stories full una mouth. your loves are not organised at all....wasted lives.
-- elchymo (m) at 23-12-2014 05:10PM
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ok, but better look for your husband o, at a time no time. I wish you luck............. .
-- deboalabi262 (m) at 23-12-2014 07:27PM
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My own suggestion 4 u is dat, u should pray 2 God dat he should give u a good husband dat fit you. Bcos days go dey go by and by. And u know say, u no be as small, small pikin everyday!.
-- thierry1 (m) at 23-12-2014 10:13PM
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Why wearing ring to scare men away while u have not got any....... After u will say u do not have any and u r searching to have 1, don't deceive urself and delay ur miracle gbam........
-- zoe61 (f) at 23-12-2014 11:43PM
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God will provide ur husband 4 u soon
-- schmit (f) at 24-12-2014 07:34PM
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U are single and searching, but u dey wear ring, somebody ask u if u dey engaged u say yes, d person say to who, u say whoever, then she come go paper, u no sabi lie, go d school first, dis kind thing no hard some of Una ( yeyebritries) do.
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