Celine Dion Breaks Down In Tears As She Reveals Husband's Painful Illness

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«§» 25 March 2015

Celine Dion broke down in tears as she opened up about while  her manager and husband René Angélil's battle with throat cancer.
The 46-year-old star has been married to Angélil, 73 since 1994 after knowing each other for 14 years .. They have three sons ,the youngest being 4 and the oldest 14.

 Last year, she took an indefinite leave from showbiz to nurse nurse her husband after he was diagnosed with cancer for a second time..She has now revealed has to be fed by a feeding tube.She told ABC's Deborah Roberts

    'He can't eat so I feed him,'We are taking life one day at a time,' she said. '[But] we are choosing to live.'

She then broke down in tears..Her frail husband was pictured backstage with them after the taping.

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clarajancita at 25-03-2015 12:14PM (4 years ago)
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Celine Dion opened up to ABC News' anchor Deborah Roberts on the sickness of her husband cum manager René Angélil, who is suffering from throat cancer.and about taking time off to care for him.
Dion told Roberts, "He can’t eat so I feed him. He’s got a feeding tube. I have to feed him three times a day."
The singer has been married to 73-year-old Angélil for 21 years sharing three young sons together. Dion admitted that right now, her family is "taking life one day at a time. [But] we are choosing to live."
The singer took an indefinite leave of absence from her Vegas residency to care for her husband after his second cancer diagnosis last year.
She will return to the Caesars Palace stage in late August with a new act. "The fans, they know that I’m an open book," Dion said of leaving the show and her emotional decision to return. "I sing...that’s the only thing I know."

Wysetots at 25-03-2015 01:48PM (4 years ago)
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ficull at 25-03-2015 01:50PM (4 years ago)
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Classical example of 'loving him through thick and thin... till death do us part... to the very end'... A rich and influential woman like Celine does this... How many women can emulate her?Huh? They all yearn for women empowerment without knowing whats it all about.
beneno at 25-03-2015 02:02PM (4 years ago)
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
chylind5 at 25-03-2015 02:13PM (4 years ago)
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God bless you Celine Dion and grant your husband healing
Abubu86 at 25-03-2015 03:10PM (4 years ago)
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May God heal him
ela214 at 25-03-2015 05:14PM (4 years ago)
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odegbalegu at 25-03-2015 05:22PM (4 years ago)
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Weldon Madame, God will see you through
Oyinminijoor at 25-03-2015 05:58PM (4 years ago)
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Godawyne at 25-03-2015 08:15PM (4 years ago)
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It shall b well in Jesus name
emmanuelokek at 25-03-2015 08:35PM (4 years ago)
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sorry dear
Patgreen003 at 25-03-2015 08:49PM (4 years ago)
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God ll see you thru
climax_man at 25-03-2015 11:40PM (4 years ago)
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Stop crying,God will heal him..
royalsam450 at 26-03-2015 01:08AM (4 years ago)
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Nigeria ashawowood can u see and ear this
Ken1230 at 26-03-2015 02:06AM (4 years ago)
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Celine is paying the man back for the good deeds he did to her and has not forgotten him.. Celine wipe your tears as your husband is healed in Jesus name. Amen.
dleg at 26-03-2015 05:36AM (4 years ago)
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Good one and l support you. A great lesson for LOVE and not only Fame  or Money for those that decided to marry old men. That is the price to pay for Love
echeeche at 26-03-2015 09:33AM (4 years ago)
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Oh dear
PeacetoU at 26-03-2015 09:41AM (4 years ago)
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It's well
akhaifo at 26-03-2015 12:44PM (4 years ago)
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This is what i call true love, our women hear oooooo
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