LMAO! The 5 Type of People You Will Meet in Any Lagos Street

Published 4 years ago by: Giwa bayo
at 01:35 PM, 24/08/2015 (4 years ago)

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We all know how out beloved lagos streets can be a hassle and at the same time a haven ... here are the 5 types of people you will meet at any givent time on a typical Lagos street

1.The Gentle Ones:
These ones walk past you on the road and wont even give a damn if you pour water on their white shirts.These ones wont bother if you greet them or not.They’ll go early and come back late.

2.The Time-Conscious:
They seem to be very much responsible.They wear trending clothes and shoes with latest wristwatches.But they’ll always seem to be asking for the time.Then you may wonder:What is the need for a wristwatch?It seems that their wristwatch might have spoilt but they keep wearing it for fashion purposes.

3.The Shop Owners:
These ones sit outside their shops facing the road and they yell across to everyone pa$$ing.They pour water on the road and scream like a banshee when the same water splashes on them through vehicular movement.They also expect you to greet them whenever you come across them.

4.The Greeting-Addicts:
These ones can greet for Africa.A trip that is supposed to take 15mins will take 1hr because of incessant greetings.

5.The Rude Ones:
These one stay by a corner of the street,smoking or drinking and dont even respond to your greetings.But they can eye you with so much contempt and disgust.
So,there is it.
A short but detailed note on 5 People You Will Find On Every Lagos Street.
Who amongst them do you represent?

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