OMG! African Migrant Hides Inside Car Engine To Enter Spain (PHOTO)

4 years ago by: kaygee
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(m) at 1-09-2015 04:22PM (4 years ago)

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What won't we see in this life? A migrant from Africa hid inside a car engine in an attempt to enter Spain. The desperate migrant thought to be from Guinea, was discovered by stunned officials at the Spanish enclave of Ceuta. The car in which he hid, had travelled from Morocco and border officials found him lying in a foetal position behind the car engine and radiator. As expected, his health was in terrible shape because of the petrol fumes and searing heat. In the same vehicle, another migrant was discovered hidden behind one of the car seats. Both migrants were taken to the hospital and treated for dehydration and cramps. Doctors said they could both have died had they been trapped for much longer and are advised to have a 2-month rest.

uplogsa (f) at 1-09-2015 04:30PM
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Na waoooo poverty
stmanuel6 (m) at 1-09-2015 04:44PM
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didnt he think of the risk
God help us
maxzy277 (m) at 1-09-2015 04:52PM
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No be today nau.
bayonel3 (m) at 1-09-2015 04:58PM
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wont he die cause of the heat of the engine? abi wetin sef
bohlah (m) at 1-09-2015 05:03PM
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How long are we gonna be slaves to these white people?

dareper (m) at 1-09-2015 05:04PM
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How can car engine contain grown up person @poster? Next jare!
zauber (m) at 1-09-2015 05:12PM
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wellcome to africa. baboons and monkeys.
sikilojah (m) at 1-09-2015 05:14PM
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E no easy for Ezekiel
dollar22 (m) at 1-09-2015 05:20PM
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Na Mr Dereper be that
akhaifo (m) at 1-09-2015 05:28PM
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Bobo juice...this na proper photo shop. good one
Wysetots (m) at 1-09-2015 05:33PM
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"Get rich QUICK or DIE trying...

*Shaking My Head* 
xtokelly (m) at 1-09-2015 05:34PM
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God have mercy
mary11 (m) at 1-09-2015 05:37PM
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emmydon44 (m) at 1-09-2015 05:41PM
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Na by force to go euro???
lummy4 (m) at 1-09-2015 05:43PM
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Africa wa
elixabethAA (f) at 1-09-2015 05:48PM
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Quote from: dareper on  1-09-2015 05:04PM
How can car engine contain grown up person @poster? Next jare!

guy, i live in Spain, Africans are being shown on tv screens hiding inside a car-dashboard, bumpers, driver using them as seats and so on..Africans are already brain-washed by drug barons, visiting home and displaying their ill-gotten wealth...
DJSNIPPER (m) at 1-09-2015 05:53PM
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The followers of our rulers in Africa ate the ones giving the rulers the impression that they are ordained by either God of Israel or that of Saudi Arabia. Can any if the children of these rulers suffer the same way the children of the followers suffer?
On order to remain in power they have succeeded in impoverishing the entire Africans with the four evils of tribalism, of politics , of religion and of poverty of soul, mind , body and spirit.
ngfineface (f) at 1-09-2015 06:18PM
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dickieponga (m) at 1-09-2015 06:23PM
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E dey lucky say e no roast...
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