Pastor Tortures Boy With Pressing Iron

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(m) at 28-12-2009 04:27PM (10 years ago)

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An Ikorodu-based prophet, Afolabi Awoteju, on Christmas day inflicted serious injuries on his cousin, Ezekiel Shopitan, with an electric pressing iron, over missing N200.

While other families were busy celebrating the yuletide, 40-year-old Prophet Awoteju was busy torturing the body of the 13-year-old JSS II student of Ewu-Elepe Community High School, Ikorodu, with a red hot pressing iron.

Narrating his ordeal to P.M.NEWS, Ezekiel said he helped his uncle to sell a N200 recharge card, but unfortunately, he misplaced the money. When the wife reported him to his uncle, he was very furious and pounced on him.

“Turning deaf ears to my screaming and pleas for mercy, he first used an electric cable to whip me, then he plugged an electric iron and started stamping it on my chest, back and buttocks. He was forced to stop torturing me by some landlords and other people in the neighbourhood,” the poor boy revealed amidst tears.

Ezekiel, who disclosed that his parents reside in Ogijo, Ogun State, about 10 kilometres from Ikorodu, said he does not know how to locate them, as he started staying with his uncle at a very tender age.

In his reaction, Awoteju, who was formerly an Alhaji, told P.M.News that he never knew what got over him to carrying out such a barbaric act. He put the blame at the doorstep of the devil.

He said it was when he saw the boy the following day that he realised the evil he had committed.

The prophet, who is in charge of the Celestial Church of Christ (CCC), Itunu Parish, said: “though the boy is troublesome, I never meant to use the hot pressing iron on him, it was like my body had been taken over by the devil. His father is my brother and he has been staying with me for a very long time. I can only say I’m sorry for this wicked act.” The case has since been reported at the Sagamu Road Police Division, Ikorodu, where the prophet is being detained over the dastardly act.

Mr. Ukadike Anamazobi, the Divisional Police Officer, DPO, of the station condemned the act.  He described it as sheer wickedness, adding it was the prophet’s landlord that came to report the incident at the police.

He said that the police are making efforts to locate the boy’s parents.

Ezekiel is receiving treatment at the Ikorodu General Hospital, while the police are concluding plans to arraign the suspect in the court.

25_vivi (f) at 28-12-2009 07:53PM
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this is pure evil

Toks-E (m) at 28-12-2009 08:39PM
(37753 | Addicted Hero)

a whole pastor

so nw we can see hw 4ckin fake he is

ifeyemi5 (f) at 29-12-2009 12:55AM
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he wants to kill person cause of 200 naira.wonders shall never end.
dolphinkate (f) at 29-12-2009 02:15AM
(351 | Upcoming)

He would have killed this boy, if not the ppl have had stopped him. For only 200 naira, which is not 1 euro.

They should not leave this boy with this devil alone again. Is good, that they r trying to locate the real parents for this boy.

The "pastor" said he would regrette his wicked act, but what of the wounds and marks he put on the poor boy. From his regrette the boy cant buy anything. The pastor and his regrette r fake. Dont allow him to work as pastor again nor to take care of other children. Also i do believe, that this church is not a true place of GOD. People, open ur eyes and ears well, when it comes to church. Many places r not that, what they claim to be.
gimac (m) at 29-12-2009 04:24AM
(13104 | Hero)

why did people deliberating carry an act..when the caught the blame devil..

prohet of demon on verge
dollar22 (m) at 29-12-2009 11:10AM
(1099 | Gistmaniac)

pastor is a man not GOD
Don4 (m) at 29-12-2009 11:14AM
(64 | Newbie)

1 pastor been dey preach 1day, him say 1day as him dey pray, God show am vision. De man say him c devil dey cry, na em God come ask am, y him dey cry? Him (devil) say, when ppl delibrately sin, them go come say na him (the devil) cos am. Abeg make una help me tell am say devil no know anything abt dat him act.

sasod (m) at 29-12-2009 01:43PM
(95 | Newbie)

this is not devil, it is lack of self control and over reaction on issues.

He might not be in a good mood, when the wife reported the issue to him, he cld hv leave the matter for some time and later correct the boy for the allege missing money... Plz Learn From His MISTAKE... (NOT devil's mistake)
popo2009 (m) at 29-12-2009 02:17PM
(1197 | Gistmaniac)

FAKE Pastors hovering the street. If his church member had done this, what would he had said to the person.
May God pay you back for your Evil act.
chiumistik (f) at 29-12-2009 03:11PM
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Nd as usual.... dey blame it on de devil. *mscew*
Poor kid.! Evil wife nd Heartless pastor!
Yeyeminister (m) at 29-12-2009 04:29PM
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My people, it is not devil as claimed by the so call prophet or pastor. It is the level of poverty in this country. May be the offering of that day in the church was not enough and the only hope of the prophet was the 200 box. Sha in all sins committed by so called men of God devil must  be blamed. I believe one should have control over himself anf his emotion.
mapsman (m) at 29-12-2009 05:03PM
(33 | Newbie)

Chai, all this for 200 naira.
gentlebrand (m) at 29-12-2009 06:22PM
(36 | Newbie)

Quote from: Don4 on 29-12-2009 11:14AM
1 pastor been dey preach 1day, him say 1day as him dey pray, God show am vision. De man say him c devil dey cry, na em God come ask am, y him dey cry? Him (devil) say, when ppl delibrately sin, them go come say na him (the devil) cos am. Abeg make una help me tell am say devil no know anything abt dat him act.
lol u need some pray
cynthiame (f) at 29-12-2009 06:33PM
(3 | Newbie)

na wa oh
for 200 naira
and he is a pastor hmmm............ first witha wire then a pressing iron and claims its the devil dey wuld av done the same to hima nd said its the devil i dont just blame the man at all its the boy's parents i blame
Bazemaster (m) at 29-12-2009 09:48PM
(6753 | Gistmaniac)

If i were to be in the man's church, i would have destroyed his church because the wicked suppose not to be the head of a church.

bravos1 (m) at 30-12-2009 06:06AM
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[size=][/size] Angry eye for eye.[size=][/size]
Rubydamsel (f) at 30-12-2009 09:12AM
(17 | Newbie)

Y do pple do bad things n blame it on d devil, why cnt d pastor jump in2 a well or put dat iron on himself and say its d work of d devil:-(
ontop (m) at 30-12-2009 09:54AM
(37 | Newbie)

he called himself a pastor. church business men nonse Sad Shocked
dolphinkate (f) at 30-12-2009 12:15PM
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@ sasod

U cant be serious. Is that the way u  want to raise children up? By teaching them violence and torture? What has such a barbaric act to do with correction? Correction for beeing a human beeing, which does mistakes at times? U mean cause this pastor is not in good mood, he has right to torture human beeings?! Hope u will not treat ur own kids like this.

A pastor is supposed to be close to GOD and to be good excample for others. Specially in cases of difficulty he has to act wise instead losing his temper and torturing a boy in blind anger. It s not GOD s way. It s the work of devil. The pastor should know that for everything is a solution. His victim is just a small child, which did a small mistake. All human beeings r doing mistakes at times, that s why we r human beeings.
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