Kaduna Central Senatorial District Senator, Shehu Sani Voluntarily Declare N22m Asset

Published 4 years ago by: Mister Jay Wonder
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at 5-09-2015 07:29AM (4 years ago)

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Senator Shehu Sani representing Kaduna Central Senatorial Districk has followed the example of President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo by declaring his assets, 24 hours after the  two leaders took the bold step.

In a statement by Sani on Thursday, September 4, which was made available to newsmen, he has three bank accounts with a total of N22 million in them.

He owns two residential houses in Kaduna, two houses under lease in Kaduna, two uncompleted office apartments in Kaduna, one residential house in Abuja, one family inherited house in Kurfi, Katsina State, and one family inherited house in Minna, Niger State.

He also added that he owns several cars, and bought N5million worth of shares in 2007 but which crashed in 2008. According to him, declaration of assets is a moral challenge to all public office holders.

The statement read, "In line with moral example set by President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Osinbajo, and in conformity to the standard of transparent and exemplary leadership, and in submission to the public and popular demand for integrity test to all public office holders, in a new Nigeria on a filtration process for a politically cleaner and decent future, I have decided to voluntarily make this public declaration.

"President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Osinbajo public declaration of their assets is a moral challenge to all public holders. Their declaration challenges all men of conscience and docks all men who lay claim to self dignity and self worth.

"Their public declaration hangs a chain of guilt on the neck of all public office holders. To refuse to publicly declare assets is to continue to carry the burden of a moral thorn of guilt in a nation whose generation of leaders for so long stands in the dock of ethical court.

"There are no saints and angels in politics, but the citizenry deserve to know the moral truth behind the facade of uprightness. A clean broom is needed to clean a dirty space. I chose to publicly declare and be pelted than to walk with the stain of suspicion and mistrust splashed on all public office holders by a generation of curious citizenry."

Sani is the first Senator and public office holder to publicly declare his assets after the surprise announcement of the President and Vice President's assets on Wednesday, September 4.

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dareshola at 5-09-2015 07:48AM (4 years ago)
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barackderay at 5-09-2015 07:50AM (4 years ago)
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nice one
dollypiper at 5-09-2015 07:51AM (4 years ago)
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Nice,let this continue..
hackynoni111 at 5-09-2015 07:59AM (4 years ago)
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Nice1 jare
moralemike07 at 5-09-2015 08:21AM (4 years ago)
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Na asset declaration dey reign now. At the end of the day, Nigerians go find out say na fake declaration.
gogoman at 5-09-2015 08:30AM (4 years ago)
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you declare now and we won see again after you leave office
xtokelly at 5-09-2015 09:01AM (4 years ago)
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PoliticxGuru at 5-09-2015 09:24AM (4 years ago)
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Tell dat to D birds
elchymo at 5-09-2015 10:28AM (4 years ago)
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I hear
Blessed75 at 5-09-2015 11:01AM (4 years ago)
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I hope their telling the truth i don't believe this people some use they children and wife name open a lot of account 419 people
Blessed75 at 5-09-2015 11:02AM (4 years ago)
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I hope their telling the truth i don't believe this people some use they children and wife name open a lot of account 419 people
uchex at 5-09-2015 11:46AM (4 years ago)
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High service
ebukkkason at 5-09-2015 11:56AM (4 years ago)
(1255 | Gistmaniac) (m)

Gud 1 mr senator
warri4real at 5-09-2015 12:21PM (4 years ago)
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Even from afar, d lie dey smell reach here, smh
innocentbola at 5-09-2015 12:31PM (4 years ago)
(8416 | Hero) (m)

Just be yourself and don't steal public money, that what people want and ask of you senator...
freethinker at 5-09-2015 01:25PM (4 years ago)
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franklinseyea at 5-09-2015 01:42PM (4 years ago)
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Change in coming ... I can feel it
DJSNIPPER at 5-09-2015 01:56PM (4 years ago)
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You are unbelievable..
Wallow in your self deceit...
TrustinMe at 5-09-2015 02:58PM (4 years ago)
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Declared Declares Declared. they as bunch of Criminals with immunity. billions of our money are in their accounts and still flot every minutes inside their account. but i blame our naija guys who never protest against those crocks called our leaders.
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