Actor Marriage: Photo Of Emeka Ike Babysitting His Children After Wife's Departure Hits The Net

4 years ago by: Daniel Bosai
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(m) at 6-09-2015 08:58AM (4 years ago)

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As you guys might have known, AGN president (LOL, funny writing that) and single father and Nollywood actor (hasn't acted in like 9 years though), recently lost his wife to another man and they are going through one of the most bitter divorce ever witnessed in Nollywood, Emeka Ike's latest claim is that his wife (one fine oyinbo pepper) has left him with the responsibilities of taking care of their 2 kids (not like he had any job sha, other than being president of AGN and acting?) - so he baths them, does the school run and baby feeds them

sandra78 (f) at 6-09-2015 09:03AM
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For the sake of the kids, Try your best to reconcile with her Bro.......No one is perfect in this life
Barluty (m) at 6-09-2015 09:04AM
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Useless set of pple
yukiigb (f) at 6-09-2015 09:09AM
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Eyaaa,so touching...pls u guys should reconcile
dollypiper (f) at 6-09-2015 09:14AM
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So this is to gain sympathy Abi... After turning your wife to punching bag
Jammygooner (m) at 6-09-2015 09:18AM
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By d grace of God happiness will b back to ur home
gogoman (m) at 6-09-2015 09:21AM
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the wife useless die, so she no think of her pikin na wa ooooooooooooo
temi_1 (f) at 6-09-2015 09:25AM
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Feel so sorry for this man
echeeche (m) at 6-09-2015 09:35AM
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That is celebs life of a things
mary11 (m) at 6-09-2015 09:37AM
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he shud get get a maid if the wife is not coming back

proly (f) at 6-09-2015 09:37AM
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Some women sef mater wat for the sake of her kids..but she go still hear am...bro take care of ur chilldren nd the good GOD will alwas be ur helper..get heart to leave ur childrren that u ve suferd to carry 9 months..all she wanted is divorce divorcce divorce mtcheeeew
PoliticxGuru (m) at 6-09-2015 09:44AM
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Story for D gods
uchex (m) at 6-09-2015 09:48AM
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Show guy,. Kdfb Angry
DrSoba (m) at 6-09-2015 10:04AM
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Nothing is wrong with him taking care of his children.  If the wife is not coming back, let him concentrate on his life and children.
factfinding (m) at 6-09-2015 10:20AM
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I don't really know who's at fault between you and your wife, but all i know as a man your capable of taken care of your 2 kids, if possible get a maid or if your mom is free ask her to move in to take care of your kids while you hustle around life goes on,
ebukkkason (m) at 6-09-2015 10:43AM
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Try n reconcile wit ur wife if not den get a nanny. Cos u can't stay in d house all day taking care of d children
gbagyiza (m) at 6-09-2015 10:53AM
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Quote from: gogoman on  6-09-2015 09:21AM
the wife useless die, so she no think of her pikin na wa ooooooooooooo

That is woman 4 u.if woman made up her mind she dnt even care for her own blood.l they fear anything call woman.May God help us.
prince940 (m) at 6-09-2015 10:55AM
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The film name na Emeka in d kitchen
dickandpussy (m) at 6-09-2015 11:11AM
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Bros ike ride on. normal level.bone the woman.let her know u can care...get any good member of ur family or nanny to care the kids and u can burst into ur day she will realise that has been all those woman wey dey make shakara.   Una dey see
hackynoni111 (m) at 6-09-2015 11:22AM
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na man you be
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