Youth Corper Almost Strangled His Girlfriend To Death For Dating Another Man

Published 4 years ago by: CLARA JANCITA
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at 26-11-2015 04:29PM (4 years ago)

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A jealous member of the National Youth Corps Service (NYSC) Batch ‘B’ member, Jeremiah Osewe, has been arrested for allegedly strangling his girlfriend, Stella Omorodion, a fellow corps member at the Issele-Uku Orientation Camp near Asaba, Delta State, after he found out that she was dating another man.

According to Reporters,we learnt that Osewe met Omorodion at the camp and they started a relationship but before then, she had another boyfriend, himself a corps member who was posted to Zamfara State but the guy worked his way and was redeployed to Delta.

When the guy got into town, he renewed his relationship with Omorodion unknown to the new lover.
It was gathered that someone sighted the lady and her former lover at the popular Mammy Market in the camp and reported to Osewe who got enraged at the affront of the new guy and mobilized his friends to the scene.
On getting to the scene, the hurt lover boy grabbed the girl on the neck and chocked her until she almost died before fellow corps members rushed to the scene to save the situation.
The state coordinator of the NYSC, Mrs. Esther Etukudo, confirmed the incident:
“We got the report of what transpired between two NYSC members and our findings revealed that it was a rival love relationship.
The girl was almost strangled to death by the angry corps member who claimed to be her boyfriend after what would have been a bloodbath.
They took the girl to the hospital for treatment and the boy was sanctioned for indiscipline.”

temi_1 at 26-11-2015 04:40PM (4 years ago)
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Because of a lady.  You see your life. 
dickieponga at 26-11-2015 04:42PM (4 years ago)
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'Sanctioned for indiscipline' he should be in jail...?
How much e don spend on d girl sef wey e won kill am...
Person wey find something e wan die bcos of am, wat about d person wey lose am...?
Too many women around to fight for one especially for campus...
gogoman at 26-11-2015 04:44PM (4 years ago)
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she deserve it well well, so she won dey cut double dating abi for camp
nwaafoigbo at 26-11-2015 04:55PM (4 years ago)
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nigeria be warn free nnamdi kanu.....nigeria be warn free nnamdi kanu.......nigeria be warn freennamdi biafra we stand....biafra must go becs we ar not one
Oways at 26-11-2015 05:16PM (4 years ago)
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Men, even the educated once cant keep their cool
Ken1230 at 26-11-2015 05:24PM (4 years ago)
(3084 | Gistmaniac) (m)

When you should jail the terrorist you are sanction him to go and complete the task of killing the girl?
Ayodun1 at 26-11-2015 05:30PM (4 years ago)
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Thank God say the girl no die finish... Make them teach the guy small lesson.

Ayodun1 at 26-11-2015 05:32PM (4 years ago)
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@Oways.... Na so o" Maturity no be by education.

Lycon12 at 26-11-2015 06:36PM (4 years ago)
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Cheatn is not good
kp45 at 26-11-2015 07:20PM (4 years ago)
(10324 | Hero) (m)

Ladies thing
zezprincess at 26-11-2015 09:28PM (4 years ago)
(7927 | Hero) (f)

 Grin Grin Grin,love nwa ntinti!.
AmazingMarie at 26-11-2015 09:53PM (4 years ago)
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brash guy he should thank God the girl is not dead he would have kissed good bye to NYSC even his life will never be the same again when he taste prison environ.
Novic at 26-11-2015 10:13PM (4 years ago)
(15342 | Hero) (m)

see stupidity.
xsucces at 26-11-2015 10:17PM (4 years ago)
(5977 | Gistmaniac) (m)

why can't he gam electric pole; because of woman you for go life imprisonment
winace at 26-11-2015 11:19PM (4 years ago)
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A girl u jt met o. And u don dey form husband already forgetting dat she must have been dating someone b4 she came to d camp. They shld have sent him to jail to serve there. Yeye pikin
Wysetots at 27-11-2015 06:04AM (4 years ago)
(8130 | Hero) (m)

Mumu boy !!!
Novic at 27-11-2015 07:08AM (4 years ago)
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Some men are so stupid and useless, i dislike people that always fight becz of woman. untop wetin. women are useless.
sugarwealth at 27-11-2015 08:23AM (4 years ago)
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And the other boyfriend, what was he doing when that animal was strangling the girl?
zednaijaman at 27-11-2015 10:39AM (4 years ago)
(495 | Upcoming) (m)

The only innocent person here is.... who sef? The ex maybe? The new guy was hurt but is guilty of attempted murder, the girl is guilty of cheating on the guys... And wait, wait, the ex is guilty of causing confusion. Oya arrest them all.
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