Check Out 5 Individuals Who Made Social Media Fun For Nigerians In 2015

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2015 was a very eventful year, from the general elections in March and April, to the swearing in, in May, to the release of ministerial nominees list to Saraki facing Code of Conduct Tribunal, to Dieziani Alison-Madueke’s alleged corruption crimes to her falling ill to cancer, just to mention a few. Those are events, in this piece, GISTMANIA has put together for you the five Nigerians who trended on social media for one reason or another…


Edo state governor, Adams Oshiomole definitely gave us something to talk about on social media in 2015. From his marriage to his much younger foreign wife, Iara Oshiomole from Cape Verda to making allegations of corruption against Jonathan’s government. He really did make surfing the web for news worthwhile. Not to forget the jokes that trailed his marriage.


Elder Peter Godsday Orubebe definitely earned his spot of this list after attempting to disrupt proceedings at the 2015 presidential election collation by suddenly jumping on the stage and creating a scene only someone way below his caliber is expected to.


Nigerians will not forget in a hurry, former INEC boss, Attahiru Jega’s composure during Orubebe’s short drama in the middle of the 2015 presidential election result collation at the ICC. Jega’s calmness at Orubebe’s show gave Nigerians something to talk about for a while.


Nigerians will not forget quickly the drama that trailed Rotimi Amaechi’s screening by the Senate. The screening got even more interesting when Amaechi was asked to define corruption and he said ‘He has never taken a bribe”. That statement inspired so many hilarious memes that made online users laugh for days.

Mama Peace:

This list will be so incomplete without our very own former first lady, Patience Jonathan. Her campaign rallies, where she solicited votes for her husband during the 2015 presidential election were made perfect videos for making skits for internet users in 2015.

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20k thank you gift to the flying eagles?
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Ok weldne poster
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Hahaha,@ poster,you forgot Fayose attack on buhari,senator bruce words to the ministers&buhari also,what of Prince Nnamdi Kanu attack on buhari on being ephidophile&child rapist.etc.
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Ok,noted 2016 own go still show up.
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Ya guyz 4got social medie queen SUGER BELLY. Lol
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And u forget d senator wit d cockroach infested suit from d north who is sponsoring social media bill. 
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I for vex if i no see my very own Patience for there.
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Senator Bruce nkor??
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mad people dem
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orubebe own na e funny pass
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يراقب الله !!!
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Wait make I check the list to see if ...... Ok, correct, she dey there.