Bring My Mercy Back - Heartbroken Grandmother Of Madonna's Adopted Daughter Pleads

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The biological grandmother of Madonna's adopted daughter Mercy has begged the star for 'one last chance' to see her granddaughter.
73-year-old Lucy Chekechiwa has pleaded the pop star to bring Mercy, who she adopted in 2009, back to Malawi to see her before she passes away.
At the time of Mercy's adoption, Madonna promised she would keep her and her adopted brother David, in touch with their African roots and heritage.

But according to Ms Chekechiwa, the singer has not brought Mercy back to see her once since she was adopted.
She told The Mirror: 'Madonna has not been in communication with me and I cannot understand why. She brings Mercy to Malawi but not to see me.
'Why won't she come to see me? The pain is in my heart. I am old and ill and anything could happen. I want to see her before it is too late.'

Mercy's biological mother Mwandida died eight days after giving birth to Mercy in 2006, and the little girl was taken into an orphange. Madonna adopted Mercy from an orphanage in Malawi in 2009

Ms Chekechiwa lives in a mud hut home forty miles from Malawi's capital of Blantyre. She added: 'I am heartbroken and think of her every day.
'I am asking Madonna to bring Mercy to see me next time she comes. Please bring my grand-daughter to me.' In April, it was revealed that Mercy's natural family believe they were hoodwinked into agreeing the adoption and want her back. Twenty-five-year-old Agatha Molande - the best friend of Mwandida -  claims that the controversial adoption will prove a never-ending saga as 10-year-old Mercy uncovers the true history of her birth. 'The Mercy situation is potentially a bigger problem than the custody battle [over Rocco],' she said.
'Madonna may have been acting in good faith believing she was saving a child from poverty and death, as she may not have been told the whole truth.
'It is difficult to put into words the love Mercy's Malawian family have for her. 'They love her so much and never intended to be permanently separated from her.
'For them it is a battle they will not stop fighting. Madonna needs to understand that as Mercy grows older and becomes aware of these things it may not be good for her and all parties concerned.' The adoption of Mercy in 2009 led to heartbreaking scenes within her family as a deal was struck to hand the child over, amid, allegedly, broken promises of visitation rights and her eventual return - something that Madonna has strongly denied.

The family say they have lost contact with Mercy since the adoption. But in a war of words with the family, a spokesperson for the 57-year-old superstar said: 'Mercy has never had her past or her heritage hidden from her and she visits Malawi every year to learn about her roots and to visit friends and family.
'Inaccurate stories about Mercy's adoption harm no one more than the child herself,' they added

Machealex (m) at 5-06-2016 05:11PM
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Well done Madonna
morgan1 (m) at 5-06-2016 05:23PM
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Nice one Madonna,,,
Troublemenot (m) at 5-06-2016 05:28PM
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Make that old witch live that child alone
gogoman (m) at 5-06-2016 05:33PM
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mama back to where na!! to that MAT  Roll Eyes
schmit (f) at 5-06-2016 05:46PM
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Poverty  dey  make  people  give out their  kids, adoption  or sell.
Madonna allow  d piking see her granny Na?
albionalex (m) at 5-06-2016 05:48PM
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CHRISETTE (f) at 5-06-2016 06:01PM
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Abeg mama live that destined girl alone let her come back and die like her mother? Madonna was God sent,I even wish it was me self
kison (m) at 5-06-2016 06:44PM
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NEXT TIME BE careful, be very very careful, CAREFULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL……………………………….
amazinspace (f) at 5-06-2016 07:25PM
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What's her problem the girl is in good health
angesco (f) at 5-06-2016 07:28PM
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Someone should explain the word ADOPTION to the family they want to have their cake AND eat it!!!!
Mykie010 (m) at 5-06-2016 07:42PM
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Welldone madonna
Chrisbrazz (m) at 5-06-2016 07:47PM
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This woman no know anything.... MADONNA COM ADOPT ME ABEG
Wazubia (m) at 5-06-2016 08:08PM
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Madonna has trained her to be better looking girl, now you people are singing yor missing @@@@@@@ to her. Nonsense. Carry on Madonna.
GermoDon (m) at 5-06-2016 08:30PM
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Nice one bt let d old woman see her daugther
zoe61 (f) at 6-06-2016 12:39AM
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 Cool Cool Cool Cool
chidechris (m) at 6-06-2016 12:46AM
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Did you guys read the story well before talking bullshit? She only ask to see her daughter and not to have her back. For you that called that woman a witch should pray u don't pass through what is passing through right now.
chidechris (m) at 6-06-2016 12:50AM
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Quote from: Troublemenot on  5-06-2016 05:28PM
Make that old witch live that child alone
You called that woman an old witch baa? Just pray you live up to half of her age.
dareper (m) at 6-06-2016 10:48AM
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Wow, loom at the rapid transformation in the girls body. Money good oo
kachasi (m) at 6-06-2016 11:17AM
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What's her problem the girl is in good health

the problem is in the mind ...mothers love
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