Reasons Why Nigerians don't commit suicide !!! (Page 3)

10 years ago by: 14_Inches
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-- dolphinkate (f) at 16-03-2010 03:41PM
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I think the main reason is, cause their life is playing outside very lively and nigerians usually dont know lonelyness. They r used to be always in a crowd of ppl and having many friends, relations and big families. In countries where the invironment is bad, ppl need to know and having many contacts to help each other. They care for each other s life and business.

In the western countries the human care got lost and the lonelyness is taking over.
-- herdeysohjy (m) at 16-03-2010 04:15PM
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9ice one here
-- elusakin (m) at 16-03-2010 05:03PM
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Whoever post this trash is an olodo. Who is a coward? Someone who commit suicide or the one who didn't?
-- ishola1000 (m) at 16-03-2010 08:36PM
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-- chrissiebee (f) at 16-03-2010 08:43PM
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We are the happiest people on earth! thats a fact by the way. proven by statistics! and fela don tlak am, we dey suffer, dey smile.

-- Mba5 (m) at 16-03-2010 09:29PM
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Because Nigerians too like life!!!!
-- 14_Inches_Long (m) at 16-03-2010 09:34PM
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Quote from: 14_Inches_Long on  8-03-2010 11:13PM
It is very unfortunate that all over the world, it is only in Nigeria that suicide rate is the lowest despite the suffering in the land !!!!

But even the white people does not understand the reason behind this.

We complain too much but never back it with action.

We say, the world is too hard, it is not worth living, yet no one has ever taken his life.

belo are the reasons I can think of, so if you knopw why an average Nigeria will never take their own life unlike some races in the world, abeg, write am below...

1. We are too religious
2. Some have stolen some public money and don't want another poerson to spend it
3. We are all cowards
4. We are used to suffering and smiling.
5. We blame others for our own mistakes.
6. we are never ashamed.
7. We believe in "TOMORROW GO BETTER !!!"---


8. Everybody want to go to heaven including our governors
9. How can they commit sucide with all these side attrcations in Nigeria, lots of pepper soup joint to cool ya TEMPER when home is too hot to go with all these small chicks around to spoil sugar daddies and sugar mummies. Lots of politicians and money bags to spend money and lts of other jobs to make life easier for the boys in NIGER DELTA such as kidnapping/militant/Oils spills and money rituals in places like IKIJA SHRINE to help the lazy ones make quick money.

I trust Niger. They must to device a method to come out of their trouble sha. We get plenty SHOCK ABSORBER in this country. I am always proud of my country. There is nothing that makes me so proud like being a NIgeria.


10. We are the happiest people on earth! thats a fact by the way. proven by statistics! and fela don tlak am, we dey suffer, dey smile.

Thanks you my sister, this last one said it all, we are always happy. we suffer and still we smile all the time. We are always in the midst of people. The worst problem in western world is loneliness and neglet. No one cares about the other. Children don't care about the parents when they are old. They put them in Care Homes. Some die in the house alone. T.V and radios are their best companions. No where to go to, no friend to visit. No social gatherings to go to NO OWAMBE and ASO EBI to and party LAGBO LAGBO, No OBESERE or WASIU AYINDE or Kollington AYINLA to make you dance away your sorry !!!!

Nigeria, Oh my country, na inside am I go leave and die!!!

If I come to this world 1 million times, I still want to come as a Nigerian!!!! No matter how many people dey spoil the name outside or inside the country, Oh my home, when shall I see my home? when shall I see my native land ........

Oh I miss OTAPIAPIA and SHEPE and ASH COLOUR, PANASHARP, KAINKAIN for MOKOLA round about and OJUELEGBA under the bridge!!!

-- Victorokeh (m) at 17-03-2010 12:25AM
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Even person wey dey pack shit go tell u say him own better pass who won wash hand break palmkernel for fowl make him chop
-- uploader (m) at 17-03-2010 08:35AM
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Una bone dat tin naija 4 lyf.
-- teeco (m) at 17-03-2010 09:22AM
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-- sanya01 (m) at 17-03-2010 07:11PM
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 Cool i blive only in 'TOMORROW GO BETTA' 4 dis naija, na d way 4wd Grin
-- Cinnicc (f) at 18-03-2010 11:23AM
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Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm God dey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God will surely see us tru & remove suicide as an option for us o.
-- tesylv (m) at 18-03-2010 01:19PM
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Na wa for you oh,why commit suicide when you know you MIGHT be nxt to loot
-- edusouls (m) at 18-03-2010 05:02PM
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your reasoning is very solid, you use your brain a lot that is a very good point. you know nigerians are the cause of their problems, we are never ashamed of ourselves cos we dont have what they call honour, and we are too religious, but we are the most crooked and dishonest. we always bielive say im go better one day but its just deams cos we are not working towards any good. but i still like that, cos suicide is not a good thing.
-- SeunBammeke (m) at 19-03-2010 05:22PM
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So u expect us  to start commiting suicide......well u go and commit firstand lets see if others wilol follow ur GOOD EXAMPLE  Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry
-- ajanni (m) at 19-03-2010 05:44PM
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commiting a sucides is ellien to our culuture , and more over cutting off a head is not the best solutions to an headache ,so naija peoples don,t behave in that abnormal way except in some cases those who prefares to die in foreing land rather than be deported back to their father land
-- chicco77 (f) at 24-08-2012 12:01PM
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 Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed
-- dickman2 (m) at 24-08-2012 04:03PM
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 Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh?
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