8 Words We Pronounce Wrongly Everyday – Everyone Is Guilty Of No 5

Date: 13-12-2016 5:26 pm (5 years ago) | Author: Naijapace.com
- at 13-12-2016 05:26 PM (5 years ago)
There are words we use in almost our day to day activities, words we pronounce wrongly everyday, without Knowing we are.

Using the word “Sachet” as an example, we pronounced it “Sah-chet” While the correct oral pronunciations should be “Sa-shay.”

Here are a few correct pronunciations to guide us:

1. Vegetable

2. Divorce

3. Vehicle

4. Often

5. Sachet

6. Résumé

7. Chaos

8. Data

Did you just learn some new tips, Well that try to is what we all should do everyday to be more smarter for a smarter Nigeria

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