Crowd Go Wild In Jubilation As James Ibori Arrives Ogara Delta State - Video

Published 3 years ago by: kacy lee
at 5-02-2017 09:56PM (3 years ago)

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Apparently, the return of James Ibori to Nigeria and his home town is a big deal. Thousands of his fans and followers turned out to celebrate yesterday at Ogara, Delta State.

Many described him as a great man, another fan said, 'as you can see, a good product sells itself'. Watch the video captured by TV Continental after the cut.
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elmatado at 5-02-2017 10:57PM (3 years ago)
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black man are still very backward, u are celebrating d idot dat stole from u after all d evidence..smh
abcdqwer at 6-02-2017 04:35AM (3 years ago)
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FOOLISH NIGERIANS, Someone stole your money and came back to be your hero.
femokan at 6-02-2017 05:22AM (3 years ago)
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Quote from: abcdqwer on  6-02-2017 04:35AM
FOOLISH NIGERIANS, Someone stole your money and came back to be your hero.
Only in Nigeria, don't be surprise to see him one day as a senator. I don't expect much from the people of Delta
angesco at 6-02-2017 07:27AM (3 years ago)
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This video SUMS up Nigeria.

As an ex governor he was EXTRADITED from SAUDIA ARABIA to the UK to answer money laundering charges along with his WIFE and MISTRESS and others. ALL of them served prison sentences. Not just him.

It's a TRAVESTY that he been ALLOWED to return with NO REMORSE for making ALL NIGERIANS A LAUGHING STOCK. He STARTED STEALING as a young man WORKING in a shop in the U.K. but allowed to contest an election. Thank goodness the UK keeps records of ALL criminals or we would not have known this.

It certainly is turning out to be a HAPPY NEW YEAR for NIGERIA.

As for members of the NIGERIA POLICE FORCE HAILING HIS RETURN - every Nigerian and FORIEGNER living in Nigeria KNOW HOW CORRUPT THEY ARE.

Please stay safe.

james987 at 6-02-2017 07:58AM (3 years ago)
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Maybe he stolen also cared for the masses. Cheesy Grin Grin Grin
Bruther at 6-02-2017 08:08AM (3 years ago)
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Wonders shall never end. It shows this Man is a good Armed Robber and some gullible still went ahead to be celebrating Senior Armed Robber (SAR). Any time EFCC invites him, please do try to follow him and see what will be you. Stop celebrating (SAR).
Larry28 at 6-02-2017 08:49AM (3 years ago)
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BournIdentity at 6-02-2017 11:52AM (3 years ago)
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Morons them...,
LegendaryU at 6-02-2017 12:45PM (3 years ago)
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That is Nigerians for you, they like thief than someone else!!!!
akinmanchy at 6-02-2017 03:10PM (3 years ago)
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Ok na, I still dey observe the matter

tommy70 at 6-02-2017 05:01PM (3 years ago)
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes