Woman Poisons Her Two Children Over Husband's Failure To Provide For Them Last Christmas

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32 year old Helen Okwata Azibabeh, pictured above, is currently in a prison in Bayelsa state after she forced her two children, one year old Gloria and two year old son Innocent, to drink Parafox, a popular herbicide used for curbing weeds, just because their father failed to provide Christmas clothing for them last year.

Azibabeh committed the act in Kolo, Ogbia Local Government area, Bayelsa State on December 22nd last year.

 According to The Sun, while the little girl Gloria escaped death by the whiskers, her two year old brother, Innocent, was not so lucky as he died instantly after swallowing the lethal substance.

When interrogated, Azibabeh said the anger she had towards her husband for failing to provide for his family, forced her to commit the crime. She says she regrets her actions.
“I didn’t see any of the Christmas clothes my two children could wear. Early in the morning, I went to the market and bought Parafox, a substance that is used to kill grasses and I gave it to my two children to drink. Gloria was able to survive due to self-medication and hospital treatment, but her brother, Innocent died on the spot after he drank the poison. I ran to my elder sister’s house and confessed to her what I have done to my two children. She assisted me to rescue Gloria by administering some medication, and we later took her to the hospital. Thereafter, she reported me at Kolo Police station and I was arrested. I used to have two children. I killed one by myself, now I am left with only one. I want God to forgive me and intervene in my life. I have learnt my lesson. Nigerians should forgive me,” she said weeping

Confirming the incident, the state commission of police, Amba Asuquo, confirmed the incident and added that the case has been transferred to the homicide section of the State Criminal Investigation Department where the suspect is in detention.

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This makes no sense at all
-- waffibabe (f) at 11-02-2017 09:56PM
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Poverty is a disease.but it can be cure through hardwork
-- Dramaking (m) at 11-02-2017 10:15PM
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Smh... I think im losin interest in gettin married.
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This one ni 2face o.see her hot dressing   Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
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See human being face like studio wey devil dey do rehearsal  Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
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This woman is obviously sick, I mean very sick!

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I have always been telling you that women are the most wicked creatures on earth. Even Satan cannot match the wickedness of women. Weaker sex my foot.
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Quote from: kabukabu on 12-02-2017 01:17AM
I have always been telling you that women are the most wicked creatures on earth. Even Satan cannot match the wickedness of women. Weaker sex my foot.
the original pronunciation na woe man.
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The man e face too ugly.
-- james987 (m) at 12-02-2017 07:51AM
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Be like these days,the face translates what's inside the heart. Ugly in appearance,ugly in thinking. Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
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I don't think she is say the truth, am thinking she maybe jealous of her husband having an affair with another woman outside, I think she committed this action just to wicked her husband.
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Quote from: waffibabe on 11-02-2017 09:56PM
Poverty is a disease.but it can be cure through hardwork
yes hardwork and puting God first in whatever you do. I feel pity for the woman and the innocent kids. perhaps she couldn't watch them suffer but killing them is not the solution. I pray God help her and the child that survived.
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See her face like cat. What a wicked world, can't women ever endure? Because your husband couldn't provide food and clothes for the children, you want to kill them, that mean you can even kill your husband and anybody else. Nonsense. Am losing fate in marry ooooh. So help me God!
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if ur husband fail,why can't u provide for ur children.
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Why is it that ugly women are so heartless, OK since ur husband isn't capable of providing for the kids, why can't you
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nawa o! d kind evil in dis world is more dan much,even satan sef go de wonda hw humans com bad pas him d devil.
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d way d mata de go en! e b like say devil de learn evil 4rm human beings o!
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