Please Don't Let Me Sell My Body To Pay For School Fees - Girl Begs For Tuition Fees On Instagram

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A Nigerian girl in her final year seeking financial help has recorded a video begging Nigerians to make it go round so she can get the help she needs. According to her, life became difficult when her mother fell ill. She says she knows she would be called names for this, but she has decided to put shame aside and cry out for help. In what she termed an open letter, tarah_dulzura (IG name) wrote;

My name is Martha and I need help. I decided to pen this down because I am tired of keeping mute and I am on the verge of doing something stupid. I don't deserve what I am going through. I don't deserve to be pushed so hard. Nobody deserves it. I am tired of thinking. I am a very hardworking girl, I push limits honestly just to make ends meet but it doesn't seem enough. Continue...

I am in my final year in school graduating this June and I have not even started my project yet. Rent is expiring this month but to mention a few. I smile and seem very happy but I am dying inside of me. My mom's has been very ill, that's when all of this started. I decided to cry out because I don't want to be pushed into selling my body for money.

I have asked for help from a couple of persons but no positive outcome. I am just one amongst the numerous young girls going through the same issues as me but for shame and fear of been seen as a begger, they turn to selling their bodies to make ends meet. Please, I need any little help anyone can render .

I cannot sell my body for money. I know where I am headed. And please for those going to call me a begger, Today I choose to be called a BEGGER to a prostitute or a thief. thanks a lot. (ACTS 7:7)

My details please:

Phone number: 08145009130
Account num: Nwanze C Martha.
First bank. 3079170342. Savings.

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Help will come
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It is well dear,,,,,,
crocatum (m) at 21-05-2017 11:03PM
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Gold and silver I have none, but what I have I will give you. In the name of Jesus Christ, God will assist you beyond your imagination. The Mighty God will help myself and my children also. Take care.
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It is well dear
Neggypaul201 (m) at 22-05-2017 01:26PM
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New wave of  jobb don't worry sister vc will help when the time comes.
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Go site where dem dey build house