5 Ways On How To Control Your Anger

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Having spent years as a victim of acute anger problems before finding the courage and strength to cure myself, I can tell you, anger is good. No, that’s not a typo. Anger is an instinct which Nature programmed into us so that we can save ourselves from danger, and it’s healthy. What’s unhealthy however, is what I was – a slave of my anger instead of being its master. No prizes for guessing how it was affecting my life and relationships.

If you’re struggling with anger management, I know how you feel.

You feel helpless.

You know you are the victim, not those whom your anger is directed against.

There are no words to describe the regret and guilt you feel to be unable to protect people you love the most from yourself.

The good news is you can find solutions if you want to. Here are some methods I followed which helped me overcome my anger issues completely.

There are three distinct stages of the journey to recovery:

A)    Preparing the ground: How to prepare yourself mentally to even begin applying the methods for controlling your anger
B)    On the ground: What to do when you already feel the pangs of rising anger
C)    Aftermath: How to come back to your healthy self after an outburst

It’s going to be long, so grab a coffee if you like.  I write with clinical or near-clinical anger issues in mind, but you can use the techniques outlined here to bring your anger under control anytime you feel it’s not.

A) Preparing the ground: You have to understand your anger issues before you tackle them successfully. The first step is all about getting to the roots of your anger.

1. Know your problem: Each one of us gets angry from time to time and it’s perfectly normal. However, if in the throes of your anger you say and do things that you otherwise wouldn’t believe you could possibly do, you could be suffering from anger sickness. That completely out of control feeling that you get in your guts when you’re having one of “those” moments is the surest sign of your anger having crossed the limits of healthy.

2. Take a decision to solve it: The next step is to really believe that you want to conquer your unhealthy anger. If you’re like me, this is most likely a challenge for you, because you feel most of the times your anger was “justified”. Yes, I know it was. If you’re an adult you’d know that the world may be a glorious, beautiful place, but one thing it isn’t is fair. Bad things which you don’t deserve will keep happening to you for the rest of your life, this one and the next.


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