Nigerian Lady Looking For A Husband On Instagram Says Short Men Should Stay Off

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(m) at 7-09-2017 02:29PM (2 years ago)

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A Nigerian woman, Becky Enyioma has amazed many people after she took to social media to search for a husband. While listing out the criteria for interested candidates, the woman asked short guys to stay off.
 She wrote: "It's official. Preferably Igbo cause no energy to break cultural barriers. Must be tall. I can't deal with short guys and their complex issues...soryee. Age between 40 and 45. I don't need boys claiming to be men. Real men or get smacked down! Must be working. Have his own. No baby mama dramas cause I can't deal. No born again fakeness either.I booze now and again and dude has to booze with me. Lol. Should be a once-a-month night out. Dinning out now and again. Loves to travel. Loves to read. Loves cars. I don't need any guy with brain the size of a tennis ball cause he'll get electrocuted before he comes ten yards close. Signing off. Baba Jah noni."

cypanyahucha (m) at 7-09-2017 02:35PM
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IMF conditionalities.
Patrioti (m) at 7-09-2017 02:38PM
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She should have pen down why she never marry till now. Maybe she have bad behaviour, improper upbringing or bad family background.  HoW tall is President Putin of Russia and Governor Nasir el Rufai of Kaduna State that is making wave in their different field of endeavour?
fineboy77 (m) at 7-09-2017 02:51PM
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There is a saying that a beggar has no choice,just saying

osarobo62 (m) at 7-09-2017 02:58PM
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with those conditionalities, ...he won't find any Ibo man
Haso112 (m) at 7-09-2017 04:10PM
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Quote from: osarobo62 on  7-09-2017 02:58PM
with those conditionalities, ...he won't find any Ibo man

 Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin
pricklong (m) at 7-09-2017 05:26PM
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GUY WITH  brain the size of a tennis ball cause WHAT DO YOU MEAN WITH THAT  TENGOWA HOPE YOU HEAR HER
schmit (f) at 7-09-2017 06:37PM
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Aibegggggg wetin b ur own level
OkeEyitayo (m) at 7-09-2017 07:24PM
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The best place for this advert is market where she can jungle bell on herself
kacylee (f) at 7-09-2017 07:38PM
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see me see this one ooo... u dey find husband still dey give conditions... ur royal hotness half bread is better than puff puff

ejikeiyo (m) at 7-09-2017 08:53PM
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chiomaco (f) at 7-09-2017 11:30PM
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No go marry d one wen go kill u.better calm dow for God's own time
proly (f) at 7-09-2017 11:40PM
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Mtchewwwww keep on waiting for cars....big girls got their own car and dont have to wait for a guy car
Floyd29 (f) at 8-09-2017 01:14AM
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Ugly bitch
ruthie (f) at 8-09-2017 09:04AM
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we don hear...make reasonable guys apply or shut up!
james987 (m) at 8-09-2017 09:14AM
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So as you be like that no man with all those qualities you mention dey break head for you?
tegonwa (m) at 9-09-2017 04:52AM
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Just Look At Her Bleached Face, The Face Of Desperation.Such A Pity Madam.Very Hopeless!Nawaa O!
yawa_don_gas (m) at 16-09-2017 03:34AM
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Please please hold on, why e be say everywhere I take even when I wan hide yawa dey there?
Why why?
Na yawa life, yawa goes on
Oworen25 (m) at 16-09-2017 09:27AM
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Yawa don gas
BournIdentity (m) at 22-09-2017 02:09PM
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Roll Eyes                                                                           
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