Nigerian Big Boy Cries Out After The Slay Queen He Met On FB Attempted To Steal All His Life Savings

2 years ago by: Mister Jay Wonder
-- (m) at 4-11-2017 08:53AM (2 years ago)

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Nigerian man Davis Adeniran shared this post on social media, according to him a slay queen tried to rob him dry and steal all his life savings.

Here’s what he wrote on Facebook;

“Please guys be warned, her name is miss Lifeof Precious Tamara she’s a big thief, so I shenk my GF and decided to spend some time with this thieve, I went downstairs to smoke loud with my friends by the pool side before I got back she had stole my trouser and my atms, I was so sharp I quickly entered the toilet she kept my atm at the toilet hole till now I can’t find my trouser, please guys beware…Jesus BEWARE OF ALL THESE SLAY QUEENS THEY ARE THIEVES.”

-- slimber (f) at 4-11-2017 09:41AM
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Lesson to guys
-- proly (f) at 4-11-2017 11:17AM
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Hahhahah the guy do. Jam...if to say you waste time she go even sell u...but the guy on its own looks irresponsible...see as the guy dey blow im dialect dey curse am
-- gogoman (m) at 4-11-2017 02:08PM
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silly weed-head idiot... shut up!!  no be carry her
-- maxzy277 Online (m) at 4-11-2017 03:31PM
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You yourself is irresponsible
-- Dramaking (m) at 4-11-2017 03:59PM
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Smh... You get luck say she no slay you 4 your sleep and move with your organs. People dey take risk shall.. #SHAME.
-- benosky4 (m) at 4-11-2017 05:28PM
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slay queen or thief.

-- DAMILARE100 (m) at 5-11-2017 07:49AM
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This guy is a FOOL. You used the girl and set her up. How can she steal your ATM and keep it in the toilet when she has a bag and several parts to hide it in her body? How did you know she kept it there? You used her and looked for a way to get the money you gave her back.
IT SHALL NEVER BE WELL WITH YOU wherever you go!!!
-- Otikadinje (m) at 5-11-2017 02:54PM
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Cock and bull story,  you are on your own,  wetin eyes dey look for na him e dey see bro Grin

-- BournIdentity (m) at 6-11-2017 11:43PM
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Roll Eyes                                                                       
-- kixme (m) at 7-11-2017 01:31PM
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 Roll Eyes ::)slay queen and you still went after her....slay means killing it
-- ruthie (f) at 8-11-2017 12:15PM
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