(m) at 14-04-2010 08:49AM (9 years ago)

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I  could not imagine that Babangida and some ex-generals, who plunged Nigeria into the crisis is in would still be in power again almost 20 years after.

 I cannot imagine a situation where the same man who was the head of state of my country almost 20 years ago will still be in the saddle. This is even aside the corruption which he promoted.  "It is the worst sacrilege since the amalgamation of Nigeria in 1914. He must have taken us to be less than human beings to ever nurse the idea of running for the presidency of Nigeria after ruining it for eight years. The criminal annulment of June 12 by him threw the country into a monumental crisis it has not recovered from economically, politically and socially. His eight years witnessed institutionalisation of corruption and many high profile assassinations like that of Dele Giwa. All our institutions and values became corroded under his evil grip. If he gets on the ballot for the next elections, it would be the final statement that Nigeria is finished.
IBB must have taken Nigerians as fools to ever contemplate coming back to power. It is the greatest insult to Nigerians! What does he take us for, fools? Could we have forgotten so soon his annulment of June 12 1993 election victory of Abiola, the subsequent terror inflicted on the country by his comrade in treachery, Abacha?

"Could we forget so soon his popularisation of shameless, unbridled and unsanctioned corruption, the impact of which triggered the complete collapse of values in, and the ruination of our country? Can we so soon forget Dele Giwa? I think the press should join the people to stop him in his tracks."

IBB and other ex-general should retire to their tent, enjoy their loot and wait their death.

jojo8 (m) at 14-04-2010 05:40PM
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they are taking Nigerians as fools
Bazemaster (m) at 15-04-2010 12:11AM
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none of my biz

Genty (m) at 15-04-2010 09:18AM
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they should stop him now b4 he proceed further. maybe he his coming to collect what he forgot there.
Genty (m) at 15-04-2010 09:20AM
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maybe he think this country belong to him