Nigerian-born Boxing Champion,Fawaz Who Fought For England Faces Deportation For Illegal Immigration

at 8-12-2017 10:01PM (2 years ago)

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29-year-old Bilal Fawaz faces been deported out of the UK to Nigeria from where his parents emigrated when he was just 14, Daily Mail reports.

Fawaz, who refers to himself as Kevin, was taken to the UK by his cousin who promised his father would be arriving soon.

Fawaz said he was treated “like a slave” and ran away, and after a life involving bad gangs and getting shot once and stabbed 25 times, he became a boxer.

He has since represented the UK 6 times in boxing, he is currently ranked the 3rd best middleweight in England, and was the 2012 ABA light-middleweight champion.

The Home Office rejected his application to remain in the UK, and declared his marriage to a British citizen void.

Accordng to Daily Mail, he was arrested and taken to the Tinsley House Immigration Removal Centre in Gatwick on November 29.

Fawaz says his mother is dead and he has no idea where his father is.

He also says he’s stateless, as his parents were Lebanese immigrants to Nigeria, and did not have Nigerian citizenship themselves. He said:

I have no other family to go back to, I don’t know anyone in Nigeria or anything about it – all I know is here.

Imagine how it feels to represent a country and then to have that country turn around and put you in what feels like a prison.

gogoman at 8-12-2017 10:07PM (2 years ago)
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you be naija regardless so they will take u to naija for show
euwilliams at 8-12-2017 10:36PM (2 years ago)
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UK first
james987 at 9-12-2017 01:14PM (2 years ago)
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Na wa oooo..
benosky4 at 9-12-2017 02:56PM (2 years ago)
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UK is not fair enough to this guy.
but he's stupid for calling naija prison.

felicilin at 11-12-2017 12:17PM (2 years ago)
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you are very stupid for using ironical statement
ruthie at 11-12-2017 01:26PM (2 years ago)
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u see yaself....these guys dont give a hoot about you
BournIdentity at 26-12-2017 02:10AM (2 years ago)
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Roll Eyes