I Was Disvirgined By My Love For Excessive Sports - Blesyn Nkemakolam Thomas via FB

(m) at 7-01-2018 06:53PM (2 years ago)

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A Nigerian lady who says she loves sports so much that she can’t do without it each day – has revealed how she was told by her doctor that she was dis-virgined due to too much exercise. According to the lady, no one has ever believed her after she told them how she lost her virginity.

I am a lady who loves sports so much, i cant do without exercise each day.........

Some years back, I was told by my doctor that I was disvirgin by EXCESS OF SPORTS after series of test he carried out on me............

But since then, anyone I told about it will NEVER believe me..........

Today, a question was asked and it goes thus "" can a lady forget who disvirgin her"""""Huh???

When I told them I was not disvirgin by anyone but by EXCESS OF SPORTS, No one believe me

What do you have to say about this and if there is any doctor(s) in the house, let them help me out here biko

Mykie010 (m) at 7-01-2018 07:10PM
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Story for d gods,u wey like ife dina ukwu
Afriqueenn (f) at 7-01-2018 07:20PM
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 Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin ;
New line of response from promiscuous ladies to those men who can give their eye teeth to marry a virgin.
Mugu + Mumu =Maga
Dramaking (m) at 7-01-2018 09:00PM
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Smh... Chai. I can never fall 4 this new trick. #SHAME
gogoman (m) at 7-01-2018 10:02PM
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i still want to try it to confirm
slimber (f) at 7-01-2018 10:47PM
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james987 (m) at 7-01-2018 11:46PM
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Ya a girl's something can be expanded by sports.. know fact.
ehudomalt (m) at 8-01-2018 07:27AM
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disvirgin Na disvirgin go one side abeg
Swissnaija (m) at 8-01-2018 11:08AM
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It's proven fact that excessive sporting activity could disvirgin a girl.
If you dont believe her,then let the guy that disvirgined her come forth and prove her wrong.
ruthie (f) at 10-01-2018 07:25PM
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 Grin Grin Grin Grin so this one thinks she has deceived people abi